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How Hireology Made Arcalea’s Hiring Process More Sustainable


- How a tech company made their hiring process more sustainable -

Finding solutions with Hireology

Arcalea, a consultancy focused on data science and marketing, is not the typical Hireology customer. Founded in 2015, Arcalea helps organizations use their marketing to create business success, and Hireology is helping them hire the right people to expand their budding business. 

Ensuring an Exceptional Candidate Experience

Arcalea signed on with Hireology in 2018 to add structure to their hiring process. They were looking for a hiring solution that could host multiple users, could send emails in-platform, allowed for candidate notation, and most importantly, provided a good experience for applicants.


“Hireology took our hiring platform out of a Google Sheet and into a sustainable platform,” said Blaire Sullivan, Arcalea’s Executive Administrator. 

Blaire’s first interaction with Hireology was on the applicant side, and she was pleased with the seamlessness of the process and the user experience. Once she was hired on to the Arcalea team, she was able to see firsthand just how helpful the software was to hiring managers. 


“Hireology took our hiring platform out of a Google Sheet and into a sustainable platform.”

– Blaire Sullivan, Arcalea’s Executive Administrator

The Hireology Difference

The standout qualities of Hireology is what hooked the Arcalea team. With competitive pricing, full customization, and around-the-clock customer support, it was an easy choice to give HIreology a try. But what continues to drive the most impact to Arcalea’s hiring process is the applicant tracking system and personalised career site that Hireology offers. 

These features give the Arcalea team a much better handle on the entire hiring process, from attracting applicants through a detailed careers site, to tracking where applicants are in the process. 

Saving Time and Money

Since January 2020, Arcalea has been able to review 100% of the 1194 applicants that came through in an average of two days — a dramatic shift from their pre-Hireology days. Their customized career site was built with the support of the hireology customer success team, and has resulted in hundreds of qualified applicants at a fraction of the cost of other job boards. It’s been a pleasure working with Arcalea and we’re looking forward to another year of successful hiring! 

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