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How Hireology Helps Lansdowne Resort and Spa Fill Open Roles Faster

A need for efficiency

It’s no secret that many hotels are struggling to hire as we continue to recover economically from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Lansdowne Resort and Spa is no exception. Exacerbating the already tough hiring market, the hotel’s HR team found that their slow and inefficient hiring process was adding even more challenges to their hiring efforts.

The resort’s inability to move fast and work efficiently when they did receive quality applicants caused them to lose qualified candidates who eventually accepted roles at faster-moving competitors in the area. Simply put, Lansdowne Resort and Spa needed a tool to help them shave time off their hiring process — in both application review time as well as time-to-hire.

Additionally, the resort also relied heavily on employee referrals to drive quality applicants. However, the process of tracking and paying out employees for referrals previously took them about 8 hours (per hire). This was time that could be spent responding to applicants and moving candidates through their process. So, they needed a way to streamline their referral program to ultimately free up their time and resources.

Days to hire
New hires

Checking all the boxes

The team at Lansdowne Resort and Spa was relatively new, so they were tasked with evaluating Hireology which was brought on by a predecessor. When reviewing the tool, the team looked closely at how well it could help them streamline and bring efficiency to their processes.

The team set themselves a lofty time-to-hire goal of 15 days for hourly roles and 30 days for management roles, so they reviewed Hireology through this lens. They loved that the platform included everything they needed to review applicants and move candidates through their process within one centralized system — eliminating the need for multiple platforms.

Given the importance of referrals for Lansdowne coupled with the time-intensive process for managing their program, the team also knew they needed a way to automate the referral management process. They worked with the Hireology customer success team to gain a better understanding of how EmployUs worked; they loved how the tool automated much of the referral and bonus payout tracking process.

Hireology in action

Today, the team at Lansdowne Resort and Spa uses Hireology + EmployUs to drive applicants across multiple sources, manage their referral program, and execute the entire hiring process from one centralized platform. Now, they’re no longer forced to jump from system to system or spreadsheet to spreadsheet to view applicant or candidate status or even complete next steps in the hiring process. They can complete every step and review all applicant data directly from their Hireology account.

For example, they exclusively contact candidates using Hireology’s in-app texting feature, allowing them to directly reach folks like Millennial or Gen Z job seekers who are less likely to answer their phone and keep the process moving faster. Similarly, Hireology’s integration with most leading job boards — including HCareers — allows them to manage their entire pipeline from the Hireology platform, which saves the time they previously spent logging into different systems.

Using Hireology, the team is also able to gain a full view of who applied to which role, who has been reviewed, contacted, is being considered, rejected, and hired. This has given them greater transparency into their entire pipeline, reducing the risk of error and eliminating the time-consuming task of logging into different systems to access this information.

While Lansdowne is still getting ramped up with EmployUs, the team uses the built-in employee referrals platform to send referral campaigns internally, keep track of referral candidates, and manage payout timing and amounts.

Goals achieved

At a time when hiring is harder than ever in the hospitality space, Hireology has helped the team at Lansdowne Resort and Spa drive thousands of applicants and more than 200 hires in the last year alone. Hireology’s all-in-one platform has also facilitated a significantly faster application review period and hiring process — helping them beat their average time-to-hire goal of less than two weeks for hourly workers!

The team also estimates that using EmployUs, they’ve shaved about 7.5 hours off of their previous time spent per referral applicant — allowing them to cut the time down to just 30 minutes per referral.

Awilda Nevarez, HR manager at Lansdowne Resort and Spa attributes this success to Hireology’s ability to help them streamline every step in their recruiting and hiring process and work more efficiently overall. 


“Hireology gives us the tools to move as quickly as we need to in order to get the best people on our teams. From a streamlined application process to transparent and manageable applicant pipelines, we have seen real progress towards our goals of time to hire by using Hireology.”


— Awilda Nevarez, HR Manager, Lansdowne Resort and Spa

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