Hireology vs. Job Boards

Hireology organizes your recruitment marketing and hiring process into one intuitive system.
Here’s why it’s better than job boards.

Hireology Manages the Whole Process

Job boards are a standard recruitment tool, but lack the features to effectively screen, schedule, interview, verify and make a hire. Hireology incorporates solutions to effectively recruit and screen the best applicants, interview and verify candidates, communicate with other hiring managers, and see overall process health with Insights.

Job boards alone won’t keep you organized or help make sure you’re hiring the right person. Instead, you need a process in place focused on attracting and hiring the best person for the role.

Driving Visibility with Job Boards

Job boards are an important tool in the recruitment marketing toolkit – especially for driving a quick visibility boost for open jobs. They can work great alongside a career site, referral network, and automated recruitment marketing to drive a diverse set of applicants. 

But investing in job boards without other recruitment marketing channels or a centralized hiring process means missing top applicants or skipping verifications designed to hire the right person for the right role. 

Hireology Drives Value

Purchasing a job board ad usually drives a large volume of  low quality applicants since many job seekers can mass apply to jobs with one-click.

It takes 100+ job board applicants to make a single hire. Without an automated process to screen and score applicants, you can waste hours reviewing applications – where 99 in 100 won’t even be qualified. Applied across multiple roles, this will dramatically eat into productivity and distract from the rest of your role in the organization.

Hireology adds value back by pre-screening applicants and highlighting the best candidates to reach out to first. With Insights, our analytics platform, we’ll also centralize reporting across all applicant sources so you can see the channels driving the highest quality job seekers.

Hireology Focuses on Quality

It’s never been harder to find great people to add to your team. Today’s top employees are always in-demand, and may not even need a job board to find their next role. Hireology helps reach these great candidates through recruitment campaigns across a dedicated career site, social media, display ads, local classifieds and leading job boards – at around the same cost you might already be spending on a paid job board.

Hireology’s recruitment tools reaches across multiple sources at once, and adapt to the channels driving the most quality applicants over time. This adds value back to your organization while finding quality candidates and freeing up your time.

Hireology Shows Your ROI

Job boards make tracking spend and applicant activity a challenge. Hireology is the only platform that can centralize visibility across job boards, the career site and referral channels to show total applicants, quality applicants and hires made, as well as the costs from paid channels.

Hireology Helps You Hire

Job boards might drive a lot of applicants to your jobs. But then what happens? If you don’t have a recruitment CRM platform or hiring process, your inbox and team might become overwhelmed with needing to review and schedule time with multiple candidates. Job boards might bring you applicants, but they won’t help you hire.

This focus on hiring is the key aspect of Hireology. With our candidate relationship management (CRM) platform, team and candidate communication tools, interview guides, integrated verifications like background checks, references and skills tests we’ve focused on building a solution designed to help you find the right person for the right role.

Hireology builds your brand

Buying a job board post when you need applicants might be second nature. But that money could be better spent investing into your employment brand – with a dedicated career site.

Job boards are the recruiting tax you pay if you don’t have a dedicated career site. By investing into a career site that focuses on your company culture, career paths and rich content, you’ll attract top job seekers like a magnet, reducing your reliance on job board spending. Invest back into your brand with a career site – that also seamlessly transfers the best applicants to your Hireology hiring process.

ATTRACT Applicant Quality High Very Low
Applicant Quantity High High
Applicant Conversion Very High Very Low
HIRE Transparency Very High Unknown
INTEGRATE Candidate Experience Very High Poor
Hiring Manager Experience Very High Poor
Integrations and Tools Very High None

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Compared to job boards, Hireology drives more quality applicants, has a robust hiring process, and integrates with other HR tools with a user experience great for hiring managers and candidates alike.