Hireology vs. HRIS

Hireology organizes your recruitment marketing and hiring process into one intuitive system.
Here’s why we’re a better hiring partner than HRIS platforms.

Hireology is Designed for Hiring

Hiring the right person is the core focus of Hireology. With our candidate relationship management (CRM) platform, team and candidate communication tools, interview guides, integrated verifications like background checks, references and skills tests we’ve focused on building a solution designed to help you find the right person for the right role.

HRIS providers can provide a great experience for your current employees, but really aren’t designed or focused on attracting or hiring new talent. These vendors lack the expertise of recruitment marketing or the tools needed to run a constructive hiring process.

Our top customers leverage the best components of Hireology to attract and hire great employees and seamlessly and securely transfer new hire data to their HRIS for employee management.

Hireology Integrates with HRIS Providers

Hireology won’t try to replace your current HRIS. We see your HRIS as a partner we can integrate with, transferring new hire data from our platform to kick off payroll and onboarding. Our partners include leading payroll, onboarding and compliance vendors, with more slated to join us this year.

Hireology Helps You Hire

With a HRIS provider, you might have basic applicant tracking. But without a recruitment CRM platform, your inbox and team might become overwhelmed with needing to review and schedule time with multiple candidates. HRIS manage current employees, but they won’t help you hire.

Hireology Shows Your ROI

HRIS won’t show visibility into what’s working (or not) during the hiring process. Hireology is the only platform that can centralize results across job boards, the career site and referral channels to show total applicants, quality applicants and hires made, as well as the costs from paid channels.

Feature Comparison: Hireology vs. HRIS

Compared to Human Resource Information Systems, Hireology drives more quality applicants, has a robust hiring process, and integrates with other HR tools with a user experience great for hiring managers and candidates alike.

ATTRACT Applicant Quality High Unknown
Applicant Quantity High Unknown
Applicant Conversion Very High Unknown
HIRE Transparency Very High Unknown
INTEGRATE Candidate Experience Very High Medium
Hiring Manager Experience Very High Medium
Integrations and Tools Very High Unknown

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