How to Choose the Right Partner for Your Franchise Hiring

By Beth Kempton,
August 29, 2017

Your franchisees wear many hats to ensure their franchise locations are successful, and one way to make their jobs easier is by simplifying franchise hiring. To do so, consider partnering with an integrated hiring and talent management platform at the brand level to offer all your franchise locations a repeatable hiring process, and weed out potential bad hires sooner rather than later.

The employees at any given franchise location can make or break the success and profitability of the business, so you must consider many factors when selecting a franchise hiring partner. The right partner will offer your franchise the following benefits:

Centralized Hiring and Talent Management

Look for a single, integrated hiring and talent management solution so your franchisees can manage employees’ entire lifecycles – from hire to retire. With an integrated solution, your franchisees can have all employee-related information in one centralized platform, rather than using paper forms for onboarding, and separate solutions to manage time and attendance, payroll, and benefits.

Another key consideration with an integrated hiring and talent management platform is automation, which should begin with onboarding. With a central location for each employee’s tax and other onboarding information – and having each employee fill out electronic onboarding forms before the first day on the job – you can increase accuracy and save the employee from having to spend half of his or her first day filling out paperwork.

User Friendly Technology

Ease of use – for both decision makers and individual employees – is a top consideration when evaluating new hiring partners. An integrated hiring and talent management platform should have easily accessible robust analytics so decision makers – such as franchisors and location owners – can see such insights as hiring velocity, hiring process adherence, turnover analysis, benefit plan spend, wage spend, headcount analysis and new hire analysis.

This information can then be used for decision makers to measure how well hiring managers or locations are following a hiring process and managing their employees. At the same time, a hiring and talent management platform should also be user friendly for individual employees on the platform to access their tax forms and paystubs, and other employment information.

Transparent Pricing

Do you know how much your franchise business spends on hiring and talent management each month? Total spend on hiring, payroll and other HR expenses can add up quickly and isn’t always easy to calculate. From spending extra time on manual processes to employing several HR specialists across locations, the administrative costs of hiring and talent management can cause profitability to take a hit. But an even more significant cost can be extra fees that add up throughout the year. Most talent management providers charge per payroll run, for example. If your business runs payroll for certain roles every week, other roles twice a month, and once a month for sales commissions, you’ll face additional charges each time you process payroll. Other payroll providers have added charges for reporting and end-of-year tax forms.

Look for a hiring and talent management partner that offers a transparent cost per employee per month structure. This ensures you and your franchisees won’t get nickel and dimed for each payroll run or other necessities, such as tax forms.

A Dedicated Customer Service Team

The right customer service team can help you get the most out of your talent management solution. When evaluating your talent management software – and comparing and contrasting others – the customer service and support model should be a top consideration. If the only customer service offered is a “Contact Us” page or call center number on the website, this should be a red flag. Instead, look for talent management software that offers a dedicated customer service team. This team will have a complete understanding of your account and franchise business needs, making them better equipped to answer any questions you have – and help you get the most value out of your hiring and talent management software.

A dedicated customer service team can also help get your franchisees up to speed quickly – so they can easily learn how to use the platform, slash time spent on administrative HR tasks, and get back to dedicating time to making other aspects of the business successful.

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