Candidate SmartRank: Auto-rank candidates before interviewing them

By Team Hireology,
July 27, 2011

Imagine this:

You’ve just posted a job description to various online locations. The candidates begin to pour in. 24 hours later, you have a list of 60+ candidates, all ranked in order of “fit for your job”. Sound too good to be true? Well next week, you’re in for a pleasant suprise.

Hireology has finally built SmartRank. Come next week, as soon as a candidate applies for your job, he or she will be emailed a brief online survey which asks them to respond to statements about their past work. If the work they’ve been good at in the past matches the type of work your job will require, they receive a high score. However, if the candidate is not used to doing the types of things they’ll be asked to do in your job, they will receive a low score.

When candidates see the survey, they are instructed to respond to 5-30 True/False statements (the number of statements depends on the complexity of your role). Candidates are forewarned that their responses will help guide future interviews with your company, and may eventually need further elaboration. This technique has been shown to elicit suprisingly honest responses from candidates.

As soon as a candidate submits their responses, a score will appear next to his/her resume in your Job Detail page, and you’ll be able to sort candidates accordingly. NO WORK ON YOUR END.

Want to add candidates manually? No problem. You can also opt to send the candidate survey yourself. Hiring managers can view the candidate’s survey responses right from this page, and see where the candidate falls short.

And, it’s up to you what you want to do with these results: Use any candidate’s survey to guide or focus your interviews; Or, use it to help you determine the training needs of any particular candidate. Now, hiring managers can spend their time interviewing only the candidates who best fit their jobs!

A hireologist’s dream come true!

Make sure you don’t ask any of these illegal interview questions!

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