Candidate Assessments and Other BIG News

By Team Hireology,
November 3, 2011

Have you ever thought about conducting assessments on your candidates, but don’t want to order in bulk from a distributor? Or maybe you’re ahead of the curve and you already do skills assessments, Disc, and other behavioral testing.  Either way, you’re in luck!

Today, Hireology came out with new features our community has been asking for since Day 1. We’re excited to finally share the following with the world:

1. You can now order candidate assessments of all kinds THROUGH your Hireology account, on a one-off basis.

We know that ordering assessments from testing companies can be a huge pain for several reasons:

a) It’s difficult to decide which assessments to use (there are a million options out there)

b) Once you decide, they’re difficult to order without going through a consultant

c) You usually can’t order them on a one-off basis, and if you can, it’s through a cryptic crediting system from which you’re forced to pay administration fees.

d) They’re usually conducted outside of the platform from which you usually do your interviews, manage your candidates, etc…

Hireology addresses all of these issues by making assessments easy to order, on a one-off basis, right from within your job’s detail page. We’ve provided you with the most popular, well validated tests on the market so you don’t need to spend weeks analyzing the options out there. We’ve already done the hard work for you! Through your “verify” step, you can now order Disc Assessments, Sales skills tests, administrative skills tests, legal testing, and more.

2. You can now customize and save email templates (with attachments) for your team to send to candidates through the app.

Our customers have been telling us things like “We want to send our OWN application document to candidates.” Or, “We have a rejection letter we always use.” Or, “We want Hireology to automatically email all candidates OUR test/document/etc.., right after they apply for the job.”

Now, Hireology customers can do ALL of those things through the new “Templates” tab. The Templates tab, located in your company’s settings page, is designed to allow you to customize or tweak any of the email messages that get sent out through Hireology (either automatically, or manually). When you log into your account, just click “Settings” and make whatever changes suit your needs. Do this one time, and you’re done!

3. You can now list non-numeric words for a job’s compensation.

We’ve had a lot of customers (you know who you are) tell us they want to be able to list a range for “Compensation” or something other than a number. We’re happy to announce that we’ve finally realized that this small change makes things a lot easier for most of you. Your wish is our command!

4. You can now add, save, and score multiple reference checks.

Also located in the “Verify” step on your Job detail page is a new-and-improved Reference Check guide! As of today, users can add as many reference checks as they want, and score their notes right from within the guide. It’s easy to forget this critical step in the process, but don’t be fooled. Verify what you heard in the interview by following up with the candidate’s previous bosses! This guide keeps it simple.


We hope you enjoy these new features as much as we’ve enjoyed building them. Keep that feedback coming!

You should be ordering assessments for your sales candidates. Why? Find out below:


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