Building Your Franchise’s Employment Brand

By Team Hireology,
July 29, 2016

The hiring process is a core value to the culture and success of your franchise. With modern technology, the employment process can be made a lot easier if you update your methods for hiring.

80% of job seekers use a company’s career site to determine whether or not they’ll apply for a job. Similarly, potential employees applying directly to a company’s career web page result in 90% of actual hires.

Because of this, it’s important for your franchise to develop a professional and informational career site that allows interviewees easy access when applying for a job. With several tools online to help you build a career site that’s easy to navigate, creating the page is simple. The challenge is coming up with content that will drive in remarkable candidates who will make for excellent employees.


Creating a Career Site

When creating a career site for your franchise, you want to make sure it’s modern and savvy but still adheres to the culture and values of your business. Similarly, your career page should be a resource for prospering interviewees to better understand your company and its policies.

  • Make It Mobile

With smartphones taking precedence over computers and laptops, it’s important that any web page is also set for a mobile format. Especially if you’re looking for young-adult aged applicants who constantly use their cell phones and tablets, making your career site compatible for mobile devices is crucial.

  • Be Informational

Provide a brief summary of your franchise and a description of your staff culture. Some applicants may click straight to the career site link without even glancing over your home page, so it’s important to provide them with general information on your business. Be sure that all open positions are listed on the site so that no potential employees slip through the cracks.

  • Offer Your Uniqueness

Your brand’s career site should convince potential employees that they’d want to be hired by your company. Share any exceptional results your company has seen or unique facts about your product or service. Videos and other visuals like infographics are also a great tool for showcasing your company’s talent. 


With a well-designed career site that provides prospective applicants and potential employees with quality information on your franchise, you’ll receive admirable candidates for any job position. Revamping your hiring culture can promote a positive brand outlook for your franchise and a more efficient method for employment.


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