Building A Workplace Culture Everyone Can Enjoy

By Team Hireology,
October 14, 2015

Regardless of how you make a living, it’s not easy getting out of bed. I don’t care who you are: the sound of your alarm going off before you’re ready to get out of bed is awful. I even use a harp-sounding chime for the alarm clock on my phone, yet I still can’t stand the sound of it. You’d think a pleasant sound like the chiming of a harp would make getting up in the morning a bit easier-not at all.

What motivates me to get ‘up and at Ôem’ every morning is knowing that I like my job and I’m going to a place where I enjoy working. Hireology’s done a good job building its workplace culture and it speaks for itself. It also helps having a solid team of great people help create such a pleasant place to be every day. If it wasn’t for my coworkers, I strongly believe my I’d have smashed my phone/alarm by now.

I also believe that creating a work environment that everyone enjoys happens both naturally and with a little effort. According to a recent article published by Inc., there are simple ways you help make your office a better place to work for your employees. In the article, Yaniv Masjedi (chief marketing officer at Nextiva and contributing Inc. author) recommends four ways to do so: 

1.) Show your employees that your care

‘Try dedicating a specific day to just your sales team or just your marketing team. Spend the entire day recognizing each member’s achievements with awards and fun activities. One way to do this is by handing out personalized t-shirts, bags, pens and even shoes with your company’s logo and the name of the employee being honored. Throughout the day, provide the department with food (or better yet, ask in advance about their favorite restaurants and pay for custom catering).’ 

At Hireology, we give shout outs once per week for those who have exhibited excellence and followed our core values. It’s a nice way to give credit to those who deserve it and help drive motivation.

2.) Turn quota into a game for your sales team

”Gamification’ is a popular term in sales these days, and for a good reason. Gamifying the effectiveness of a team (i.e. real-time tracking of leads and sales wins) lends itself to friendly competition within a company and help in informing how individuals affect a company’s bottom line.’

We do something similar with our sales team. Besides ringing a bell and hitting a gong whenever a salesperson makes a deal, they also go out for dinner and drinks when they hit their goals. We also give company-wide recognition for those who hit their quota with ‘Quota Crusher’ flag (just to clarify, Crusher is the name of Hireology’s unofficial mascot). In the end, it’s always a great excuse to celebrate and have drinks on a Friday afternoon together.

3.) Acknowledge special days, events

‘Positive employee recognition of any kind is a good thing. Grab the low-hanging fruit–birthdays and anniversaries–and run with it as a way to increase satisfaction among your staffers.’

For those share birthdays during the current month, we get one big birthday cake (like, a HUGE cake) for the whole company to share. For work anniversaries, Hireologists typically get something special (i.e. like a gift card or 6 pack of beer) from his or her manager. They also get a nice card of appreciation from our CEO. Nothing like a little recognition for the boss man!

4.) Welcome new hires with open arms

‘Most people are nervous during their first day on the job. Ease the pressure your new hires feel by gathering together the team for company-sponsored lunch on their first day.’

Hireology is a very welcoming place for all of our new hires. Speaking from self-experience and to some of our more recent hires, everyone is kind to the point where it makes you feel like you’ve been working here for years. Plus, on their first day new hires get to go out for free lunch with his or her team, which is a fun way to get to know everyone outside of the office.

These are only four ways you can create a more enjoyable workplace for your employees. To learn more, check out our complimentary eBook below!

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