Bridge the Hiring Gap with a Marketing Mindset

By Team Hireology,
March 16, 2016

Anyone who runs a business will agree that few things are more impactful to a company than hiring. Employees are the face of the business; they create and sustain the customer, supplier and team relationships that make or break companies. The benefits of a great team to a company are significant, and conversely the penalties incurred due to poor hires are also substantial. It can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars in hard costs, time and lost productivity to ramp up new employees.

Every manager wants to hire the best people. There’s no lack of effort or good intentions when you set out to fill a role in your business, but it’s not easy. Hireology customers routinely report hiring challenges such as:

Sound familiar?

This is why Hireology exists. We’re on a mission to empower business owners to build successful companies by hiring the right people. Over the course of processing nearly 2 million job applications for our 2,000 customers, we’ve learned a few things. We spend our days providing the resources and expertise to help our customers swing the hiring odds in their favor and leverage great people as a competitive differentiator.

Most of our new customers are very frustrated with hiring, and understandably so. While Hireology provides a great deal of technology and expertise that are transformative to hiring efforts, I find that our customers already have the mindset and skills to make the most of Hireology’s hiring framework, yet they don’t even realize it.

You see, most Hireology customers are already masters of marketing. One of the many facets of a business owner’s role is promoting the company. And there are tremendous synergies between hiring and marketing. As successful businesses, our clients have invested heavily in building their brands and market presence, and these same skills have corollaries in the hiring process. Making great hires is very much like acquiring new customers, except it’s a different type of conversion! Like a great customer, an outstanding employee is a gift that keeps on giving.

Mastering the Hiring Process

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