Why Use A Hiring Management System?

By Team Hireology,
November 5, 2014

As an elderly person might say, ‘what are the kids calling it these days?’ It’s a fair question seeing that there’s always a new word, term or way to call something as time moves on. Nevertheless, as long as the American youth continue to say Ôbathroom’ and Ôelevator’ instead of Ôthe loo’ and Ôlifts,’ I think we are all going to be ok. 

In the world of HR professionals, language isn’t always so cut and dry as it may seem. One thing that has a tendency to vary is an applicant tracking system or ATS. This is the same as a hiring management system, HR recruiting software, HR tracking system, etc. Whatever you want to call it, they all perform the same duty of helping recruiters track applicants through smart technology or software. How the different platforms match up against one another, now that’s different story (insert self-promotion here, wink wink).  

Regardless of how HR professionals refer to ATS, there seems to be one thing everyone has in common-recruiters are aware of this helpful hiring platform. However, while everyone is aware of the technology, not everyone understands the actual values and benefits of implementing such a platform for his or hers business. 

According to a report from Software Advice, an HR and recruiting technology research firm, here are some important facts that highlight the significance of using a hiring management system in the recruiting business:

IMPORTANCE-89% of recruiters said that recruiting technology is ‘either Ôextremely’ or Ôvery’ important for performing their jobs well.’

COST-while 50% of recruiters who do not use recruiting technology blamed their budget for not using such a platform, 93% of those who use the technology said it’s ‘either Ôextremely’ or Ôvery beneficial’ compared to the costs.’

SIMPLIFIED-95% of recruiters using the software and technology reported having ‘minimal difficulty learning to use it.’

If you’re a HR or recruiting professional that has not yet started using a hiring management system, consider these three key points: recruiting software and technology helps make your job easier, the benefits outweigh the costs and it’s easy to use.

I might not be an elderly person yet, but if this is what the kids are using today in the HR business, it makes sense and I like itÉno matter what they call it! 

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