New Resource: The Home Health Care Hiring Guide

By Team Hireology,
April 3, 2018

Health care spending is rapidly growing and projected to reach $5.7 trillion by 2026. And as spending increases, so does the demand for home health care services, as the aging population and other patients opt to receive care at home over visiting a doctor’s office or hospital.

Despite the demand, home health care businesses face significant challenges securing quality talent and, as a result, remaining profitable.

Is your home health care business staffed for success? In this eBook, we’ll share an overview of top disruptors impacting home health care and best practices to improve your people strategy, including:

  • How to build a strong employment brand
  • Tips for rethinking your applicant sourcing strategy
  • How to support a positive candidate experience

Download the full resource, “The Home Health Care Hiring Guide,” below.

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