Exciting Updates from Hireology Customer Care and Support

While we usually focus announcements on new product features, we wanted to dedicate a post to the hard work and exciting new offerings from the Hireology Customer Care team. We’re excited by these updates and think they’ll help our customers get even more value from the Hireology platform.

Longer Support Hours

Our Customer Care team knows that not all customers are on a strict 9-5 schedule. That’s why we’re expanding our support hours to include 7:30am – 6pm Chicago time on weekdays. We hope this provides additional flexibility for our coastal customers as well as those who have a quick question at the beginning or end of the day.

New Customer Onboarding Resources

Our all-new customer resources page helps get your Hireology account up and running. This page centralizes our quick start guide, training webinars, best practices, and content to help you master our platform.
Our new video library also includes guided walkthroughs of common Hireology tasks like opening a job, ordering a background check, using Insights or customizing your account. We also have a streamlined new way to signup for our weekly customer training webinars to guide you through your account setup.

Email and Web Support

Our email support at support@hireology.com is staying the same, but you can now start a support conversation on our Contact Us page. Just choose the Support dropdown option and our team will receive your message just as fast as email.

Better Phone Support

Phone support isn’t something most customers are excited by, but we’ve made a lot of behind-the-scenes changes to make sure the support process is incredibly simple and easy when you need it the most. Our support line at (312) 283-3610 is staying the same.

In an effort to end terrible hold music for once and for all, we’ve also updated our system with an energetic new track by Ikson get you energized to get your support question answered by our team. Take a listen below so you don’t have to dial us to hear our new track.

A Focus on Satisfaction

All of these elements are coming together to help us boost our incredible focus on delivering true quality support. We always strive to get our customers the answers they need, which has helped us realize our all-time Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) of 97%! This tells us that our customers who need to work with us to troubleshoot are getting the answers they need to feel empowered to get the most from Hireology.

Get in Touch

Our team is ready to help you through any questions on your Hireology account. If you need us for any reason, get in touch at 800-219-6780 or email us at support@hireology.com – we look forward to it!



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