Beyond the iPhone 6: Six ways Apple aces employee motivation

By Team Hireology,
September 11, 2014

If you have news notifications activated on your smart phone or if you pay attention to the news in general, you’ve probably heard of the hoopla surrounding Apple this week. I’m pretty sure the USA Today app on my phone made me aware of the Apple news at least 10 times over the last few days (we get it Apple, you’re big time).

On Tuesday, September 9th, Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled several new products, including the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch from a live event hosted in their corporate hometown of Cupertino, California. And if you have ever seen Apple make an announcement before, you’ll know that they do it bigger than Apollo Creed’s pre-fight ring entrance in Rocky IV.

Regardless of the hype and what you may think of Apple’s products, it’s hard to dispute their success. One of the biggest factors for their numerous achievements over the years can be attributed to their team and how they handle their employee motivation.

Apple’s six factors for employee motivation

It’s hard to imagine Apple creating innovative products without creative, intelligent and hard working employees. The fact that they’ve been able to continue to produce such popular gadgets, year after year, attests to their leadership. Here are some essential aspects of Apple’s blueprint for keeping their employees motivated, at both the corporate and retail level:

(Please note that the following infromation was gathered from Apple’s Glassdoor profilePeople Together-8

  1. A Comfortable Salary-Apple pays all of their employees pretty well, even for those working at the retail level. This helps keep employees focused on their work, instead of worrying about when their next paycheck will arrive.
  2. Benefits-All employees receive benefit packages, including perks like free iPhones. This also helps workers remain focused on the task at hand.
  3. Encouragement-Apple inspires employees to be unique and think differently. This helps employees feel more comfortable in their own skin, therefore increasing their comfort and production levels at the office.
  4. Work Environment-Collaboration and innovation is key. Apple employees have the freedom to work alone or with others, without feeling nitpicked by upper management.
  5. Core Values-Majority of Apple employees believe they are contributing to a higher purpose, meaning that they are doing ‘something beyond themselves’ or ‘helping make a difference’ in the world. Whatever Apple’s mission statement is, most employees seem to believe 100% in it.
  6. Development Programs-Employees are encouraged to improve their abilities and succeed. Therefore, Apple provides multiple educational and developmental programs for all of their workers.

Every company has their so-called “tricks” for keeping employees pleased and driven. The key is creating a place where you can keep your workers comfortable, inspired and determined to help your business meet its goals. It is then when you can say you have created and produced the type of success that’s hard to dispute.

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