5 Employees Every Business Needs to Have or Hire

Hiring managers spend hours a week trying to play the hiring game and decide who should be hired for what position. Fortunately, if you are looking to grow a profitable business, there are really only 5 employees your company needs to be successful. Below we list  5 all-star employees that hiring managers should be on the lookout for and describe how they can bring positivity and profitability to your business.

 1. The Optimist

Someone who sees the glass half-full all the time may get annoying; but when the winter months get long, the numbers get low, and the business sees slow days, an optimist might be the reason employees come to work everyday.
Having an optimist in your company will increase morale, decrease tension, and serve as a buffer for any pessimists your business might employ. Do yourself and the business a favor and thank your optimist for always being positive.

2. The Number Cruncher

Have you ever asked out loud to nobody in particular a math question like “what does this plus this equal?” Or “what’s the percentage of this and this?”
Having a number cruncher in your business is a great way to get these questions answered, balance your drawers at the end of the night, and offer accounting, operations, and financial advice.

3. The Culture Ambassador

Your company’s culture is something to protect and kindle. Having a culture ambassador working at your business is important to the well-being of the environment and morale of your store or office.
Your culture ambassador will plan events for your business to participate in, bake cookies, hang inspirational posters, and send along a funny email.
Studies show that millennials won’t stay at a job if the culture is terrible and with almost 1/3 of the workforce as millennials, having a good company culture is crucial.

4. The “won’t stop til the job gets done” employee

One of my favorite employees is the “Won’t stop til the job gets done,” worker. This person is the last one to leave on nights where the job gets hectic and everyone else quits. It’s also the person who comes in early to finish a project that needs to be done.
This employee is the reason your business is profitable. Make sure they know that and for pete’s sake give em a raise!

5. The Utility Player

similar to baseball, the utility player can be played anywhere. They can be all 4 of the above employees or they can be a leader, coffee machine fixer, or a customer favorite.
It’s always a good idea to have or hire a utility player in your business as they understand how to get the job done, whether you are leading the project or just providing the coffee fuel.
Do you have any of the above 5 employees in your business? Are you looking to hire them? Find out how to identify which employee your candidate will be through behavioral interviewing.



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