13 Qualities of Top Talent

A business simply runs better when it has top performers who bring their A game to the office everyday. Obvious, but it’s true. The same can be said about pretty much anything that requires meeting goals: sports teams, a chef’s kitchen staff or even trivia teams that meet up for drinks once a week after work.

It’s hard to get ahead if you don’t have talent on your team.

According to a recent article published in Franchising World and written by Allan Young, CEO of ShelfGenie, ‘Once the ideal team of A-players is created, team members will be aware of the things they are accountable for and understand expectations for helping the organization achieve its defined goals.’

It’s important to keep Young’s words in mind throughout the hiring process. While hiring managers can’t always predict whether or not a candidate will be an ‘A-player,’ there are certain traits to look for that most top performers embody.

The 13 Traits To Look For

In honor of Friday the 13th, here are qualities hiring managers should look for in a candidate who’s a potential all-star employee:

  1. Positive-no one wants negativity in the office – ever!
  2. Smart-every talented leader or teammate has to have some sort of intelligence to perform well.
  3. Upfront-honesty is the best policy and works well for synergy in the workplace.
  4. Independent-teamwork is great, but if you can’t get things done alone, then it’s difficult to be a leader.
  5. Passionate-it’s easier to perform well if you truly enjoy what you’re doing.
  6. Goal-oriented-having aspirations helps your determination to get things done. Without it, performance slacks.
  7. Responsible-owning up and acknowledging your faults and obligations is a chief characteristic of respectable key players.
  8. Humble-no one wants an ass hole in the office either!
  9. Poised-you can still be humble and have confidence, which is crucial during crunch time.
  10. Natural Leader-even if you’re not a manager, leadership skills are of value at every level.
  11. Enthusiastic-positive energy is contagious and being upbeat can help others in the office that might be a little shy.
  12. Cooperative-being able to listen and respect others’ ideas is imperative for successful teamwork.
  13. Fun-this almost goes without saying, but fun people are the best kind of people to have in the office!




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