What the Best Dealerships to Work For 2017 Have in Common

By Beth Kempton,
October 18, 2017

Automotive News celebrated the Best Dealerships to Work For 2017 at a gala dinner and awards show on Thursday, October 12. The annual awards program recognizes dealerships across the country that have established excellence in areas including leadership, corporate culture, role satisfaction, training, pay and benefits and overall engagement.

What makes the Best Dealerships to Work For 2017 winners stand out? We’ve pulled together some similarities between the winners below.

They Recognize the Importance of People and Culture

As reported in Automotive News, “the only only sustainable difference Store A has over Store B is its people and the culture they embody.” Given the expected automotive sales decline in the coming years, the best dealerships will turn to their people as a source of competitive advantage no matter what the market has in store.

When it comes to hiring the right people, culture fit is often even more important than previous sales or dealership experience. Hiring and retaining the right person who is passionate about living up to your dealership’s culture and values – and providing the right training from the start – will work out far better in the long run than hiring a sales superstar who isn’t a cultural fit.

To ensure you’re reaching a diverse set of quality candidates, use a multichannel recruitment strategy that includes posting on your career site, job boards and social media, and soliciting referrals from current employees. Also consider looking outside the retail automotive industry for talent. For example, recent college graduates considering careers in other industries could be a great fit for your dealership. A marketing major might be looking into entry level sales roles in a different industry, but by highlighting the benefits of working for your dealership on your career site and in job descriptions, you might change his or her mind about career prospects. And your top employees might end up being those who weren’t initially interested in working at a dealership, but are motivated by your culture and driven to succeed.

They Follow a Standardized Hiring Process

To continuously build their best teams, many of the best dealerships to work for invest in hiring and talent management technology to support a standardized hiring process. Key steps to follow in a standardized hiring process include: regularly reviewing applicants, completing multiple rounds of interviews, administering candidate skills tests, completing reference and background checks, and distributing onboarding materials before they even arrive for day one.

Several dealerships on the list are Hireology customers and our data shows they place an emphasis on following an comprehensive hiring process compared to the industry as a whole. Nearly half (44%) of new hires at dealerships on the list completed a skills test during the hiring process, compared to the industry average of just 13%. And dealerships included in the list are quick to hire hard-to-fill roles like service technicians – the total time to hire is only 6 days, compared to an industry average of 26 days. Requiring skills tests helps dealerships avoid hiring employees who don’t meet the requirements of the role and filling roles with qualified candidates quickly helps dealerships secure top talent before the competition.

We’d like to extend our congratulations to all Best Dealerships to Work For 2017 winners. Inclusion on the list is highly competitive and the winners can use this distinction in future recruitment and advertising materials. Being named to the list shows both potential employees that each winner truly values their people – and ensures customers they will be in the right hands as soon as they walk through the door.

For more tips to help your dealership build its best team and make the Best Dealerships to Work For 2018 list, download our eBook, “Planning for People in Retail Automotive.”

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