Behavioral Interview Scoring “Feature of the Week”

By Team Hireology,
May 19, 2011

Hireology believes you may as well skip interviewing altogether if you don’t have a standardized way to score your interview. One of the biggest mistakes we’ve seen companies make is spending hours upon hours creating thoughtful interview questions and guides while forgetting to define “good” versus “bad” responses to the questions they’ve written; They “know a good candidate when they see them.” If that sounds familiar, Hireology’s got news for you: Unless you’re psychic, your gut feel is only as accurate as flipping a coin. Not to worry: Hireology’s got you covered.

In Hireology’s customized scorecards, our customers can evaluate their candidates in a reliable way and calculate a Risk Factor that relates to that specific job! Our scorecards and researched scoring algorithms allow our users to compare candidates to make the right hiring decision – based on the facts. We’re not saying you shouldn’t trust your instincts – we’re just saying it’s best to be SURE with such an important decision on the line.

Hireology developed each scorecard with our Behavioral Interview Scoring Checklist in mind:

  1. Only look for behaviors that relate to success IN THIS JOB
  2. Look for behaviors past AND present
  3. Scoring calculations must be based on sound research
  4. A good scorecard should minimize rater guessing
  5. A good scorecard should detect candidate faking 

Using Hireology, our customers can be SURE they’ve made the right choice!

But before you can make the right choice, it’s important you don’t make any of these eight common interviewing mistakes! 

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