Avoid Hiring Mistakes: 5 Ways To Control Stress

By Team Hireology,
December 10, 2014

Do you ever feel like your blood pressure rises this time of year? Pressure in general typically seems to be prevalent during the holidays, both inside and outside the office. From finding gifts for loved ones and rushing to meet end-of-year deadlines, the month of December takes the cake for being one of the most hectic months of the year. 

This is especially true for hiring managers. Depending on his or her respective business, many managers are looking to hire for the new business year. Finding quality candidates while tackling other responsibilities at the office isn’t easy. It can also cause stress.

According to an article from Psychology Today’s website, Vinita Mehta, Ph.D. writes that:

80% of people report feeling stress on the job; almost half say they could use guidance in learning how to manage stress; and 42% say their coworkers could use that guidance, too.’

That’s some serious stress she’s talking about-and yet, is anyone doing anything about it? One of the top five common reasons why managers make hiring mistakes is because of the pressure he or she receives from above to fill the position quickly. As a way to help you (and anyone else who might be dealing with stress) handle stress this season, here are some different exercises to practice as recommended by Dr. Vinita Mehta:

5 Easy Ways to Alleviate Stress

  1. ‘Confide in someone who gets it.’-It’s much easier to deal with stress when you talk to someone who’s experiencing the same type of emotional reactions.
  2. ‘Write down your negative thoughts and then throw them away.’-Several studies conducted at The Ohio State University have found that the physical act of tossing ‘written negative thoughts’ into the garbage helps get rid of them.
  3. ‘See the world.’-While traveling the world would most definitely help get rid of stress, Dr. Mehta suggests being exposed to nature via imagery, whether it’s a painting of water falls hanging on your office wall, using a screen saver with images of various national parks, etc. She says that exposing yourself to this kind of imagery helps ‘reduce blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and the production of stress hormones.’
  4. ‘Listening to relaxing music.’-This one is easy to do. Pop in those headphones and listen to music that will actually help you unwind, such as classical, acoustic or any slow-tuned jams. You’ll be surprised how valuable this can be for helping you lesson stress.
  5. ‘Breathe deeply.’-Dr. Mehta also recommends this classic exercise for eliminating stressÉbecause it works! She says that, ‘breathing from our abdomen or bellies stimulates our parasympathetic nervous system and helps promote (or restore) a restful state.’

Although some of these descriptions may seem like a bunch of medical jargon, the exercises are really easy to do and practice in most workplaces. If you’re a hiring manager dealing with the pressure to make a quick hire, give these exercises a try. It might help you make a better hiring decisionÉas well as lessen the stress to help you find the perfect gift for a loved one!

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