Attracting Top Talent: Hiring after the Holidays

By Adam Robinson,
January 7, 2013

The subway is back to being crowded, the Christmas lights are burnt out, and the line at Starbucks is out the door. Yup, the holidays are over and everyone’s back to work and due to the Holiday Drop* you will probably have to start hiring again. Here is the issue you face: the energy inside your office is low because everyone is recovering from the holidays and your employees are tired, depressed, and unmotivated. In fact, 20% percent of us will feel sleepy, grumpy, and unnattached.

It’s no wonder that the lack of culture during the winter months is at an all time low with no holidays to look forward too and a bleak winter ahead. How do you keep attracting great talent with a culture like that? You probably don’t… Here’s 5 tips to keep the energy up during the winter months after the holidays so your culture doesn’t suffer and your candidate flow keeps pouring in.

1. Plan an Event

Giving your employees something to look forward to is one of the best ways to get them out of their “holiday funk” and by event, we don’t mean “lets go out drinking like we did at our Christmas Party event.” Instead plan a Saturday where your office can volunteer their time to charities like Habitat for Humanity where teamwork is key.

If your office is not into building houses or taking time out of their Saturdays, try a trivia night at a local bar or restaurant. You don’t have to foot the bill, it’s all about giving everyone something to look forward too.

2. Rearrange & Declutter!

A little Feng Shui never hurt anyone, as a matter of fact, in can help! Rearrange the office, declutter and organize the space, and have your employees clean their desks. Switching up your environment gives a fresh perspective to spark creativity and help everyone ditch 2012 and usher in the new year.

On the plus side, when candidates come in for interviews you won’t have to worry about the office looking cluttered.

3. Take a Lunch Break

Encourage employees (and yourself!) to get out of the office for a 30 minute lunch break. If anything you will benefit from fresh air but it will also help boost productivity, inspire creativity, and encourage healthiness.

4. Stock the Office

I interned at one of Inc. Magazine’s “best places to work” a few years ago and the company had fresh fruit and granola bars delivered weekly to the office. Besides providing natural energy to their employees it also was a way of saying and showing that they cared about our eating habits and encouraged us to take breaks and get a snack.

It also looks very good to the candidates coming in for an interview when you show them the office and they see yummy snacks for the taking.

5. Start an employee referral program

Now’s the time to start that employee referral program! Giving your employees incentives to find you great candidates is a way to reward your employees and find top-notch talent. Read our articles on building an employee referral program so that you can get one started today.

*The Holiday Drop is defined by us Hireologists as the time period between Halloween and New Years when businesses find a sharp increase of quitting employees because they are not given the time off they want for the Holidays.


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