Attracting Quality Candidates: 3 Key Parts to a Job Analysis

By Team Hireology,
December 12, 2012

Everyone wants to not only attract a lot of candidates, but also ensure they are appealing to the best people for their position. It makes sense that creating an appealing job description is the best way to attract the highest number of applicants. However, as the saying goes with friends, ‘quality over quantity’. This favorite saying goes for candidates applying for jobs as well! So, you may be thinking, ‘How do I get quality applicants?’ Well, we’re here to help.

A job analysis is the most important factor in the hiring process if a company is looking to hire someone who is best fit for a position. Not only does the job analysis make the hiring manager really think about the positional and the company needs, but it also tells the applicants about the overall company culture, the responsibilities of the position, and how their success in the position will be measured.


Giving your potential new employees a good feel for the culture of your company is absolutely necessary. People are statistically more happy and successful in their jobs if they fit in with the company culture. That being said, including a description of the company and its organizational structure is a big part of the job analysis process. If you have a great culture, FLAUNT IT! Talking about company culture can include policies, team objectives or goals, or even activities the team may do together.


Another important factor in the job analysis process is describing the responsibilities of the position. This may seem like a no-brainer, but often task statements are too vague or broad to really let people know what will be expected of them. All task statements must include an action and an object to be useful in the job analysis. For example: ‘Sends purchase requests’ is very vague, and doesn’t explain how this action is completed. ‘Sends purchase requests to the purchasing department using campus mail’ is a much more specific way to describe the responsibility, and it allows the potential applicant to better understand what is expected. It is also important to rank these task statements based on importance and frequency.


Finally, an applicant needs to know how their performance will be evaluated. Some positions are looking for someone to come in and completely blow the position out of the water in terms of successes, while others expect tasks to be kept up with at the pace they have been going over time. It is best to set goals for the position, whether it be to increase sales by 20% in 6 months, or respond to all customer emails within a 24 hour window. It is also important to let the candidate know who they will report to, and how often performance appraisals are completed.

Overall, performing a job analysis is a necessary and important part of the hiring process (good thing Hireology helps you out with that). Though it can be tedious, it is the best way to make sure that your company is attracting and hiring the best people! 

Is attracting candidates more difficult than you expected? It sounds like you may have a hiring problem! Not to worry though, we’ve got you covered. 

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