Attracting Millennials: How to highlight your company’s best features

By Adam Robinson,
August 5, 2013

In my last guest post, I covered 10 things Millennials look for when job hunting.

You’ve got those covered.

But are you showcasing them during the hiring process, attracting top talent in the Gen Y workforce?

Today, I take a look at two important factors for Gen Y employees, and how you can incorporate them into your interview process.

Collaborative Work Environment

In 2012, we surveyed Gen Y across the nation and found a collaborative work environment to be the most important factor overall, with a whopping 98 percent of Gen Y rating it as influential in their evaluation of an employer.  

With a traditional interview style, your candidates may get a great tour of the office, hear about the perks and benefits you offer and meet with a few members of your team. It gives them an idea of your company culture, but not a complete understanding. It also makes it next to impossible to truly highlight the collaborative work environment.

With the 2012 Top 50 Employers for Gen Y Emerging Talent in Chicago, we saw companies offering extended time on-site during the interview process, outside of traditional one-one-one meetings. In particular employers were offering candidates the chance to experience a typical day (collaboration and all) by shadowing a current employee for a few hours. They were introduced to a small part of the business, making day one that much smoother, but more importantly, to the culture of the daily work environment.

Two-Way Communication between Company Leadership and Employees

Likewise, 93 percent told us it was important to have two-way communication at their company.

Gen Y wants to contribute and feel valued beginning with day one, but you can use the interview process to begin establishing two-way communication by including company leadership in your interview process for hires of all levels.

This might seem like an overwhelming ask of your leadership team, but it doesn’t have to be. Along with limiting this to candidates you are ready to move forward with, these meetings can take on a different format depending on your needs and size.

One-on-one meetings between company leaders and candidates are the most personal connections and the most effective way of establishing a precedent for two-way communication before the first day. When that’s unrealistic, we’ve seen companies use group interviews as a more time-efficient method of candidates interacting with company leaders. Bonus: this can also take on a more social form (think lunch or happy hour), which also allows you to highlight your fun company culture.

What are some ways you’ve already used to highlight your best features? 

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