Attracting Millennial Talent: Company Culture Is The Key To Success

By Team Hireology,
November 24, 2015

Change is typically necessary when you’re in charge of running a business. Naturally, adapting with the times and adjusting the way you structure or run a company is needed in order to achieve greater success. But first, you have to have the right people in place.

It’s hard for businesses to reach their goals without qualified and skilled employees. On top of that, it’s even harder to find and hire these types of employees if your company is lacking a proper workplace culture: more specifically, one designed for millennials.

There are two things we know to be true right now about the U.S. workforce: millennials now make up approximately 50 percent and that figure isn’t lowering anytime soon. As millennials continue to become the bulk of the workforce, it’s important to keep in mind who they are and what they want when building your workplace cultureÉand if you’re not taking steps to rebuild your workplace environment, then you might want to consider this.


Gen Yers have specific preferences for the way they live and work. If those preferences aren’t clearly addressed in a company’s culture, then it’ll be hard to attract the type of millennials you’ll want working for your company. While culture has been a victim of the buzzwords lately, not everyone tends to fully understand what makes a workplace environment unique and beneficial to a company’s business.

3 Common Mistakes

According to a recent Fistful of Talent article, ‘the three most common mistakes companies make that lead to misalignment between desired culture and actual culture’ (are):

  1.     Companies hire for skills and hope to teach behaviors.
  2.     Companies don’t measure fit with desired behaviors (values).
  3.     Don’t hold employees accountable for the measured fit with desired behaviors.

‘Hireology research has proven that present behaviors (the behaviors demonstrated during an interview) are actually a better predictor of success,’ says Margot Nash, VP of Product at Hireology. Therefore, if you’re not hiring people who align with your company’s mission and values, your culture is bound to never reach its full potential.

Attracting the Best Talent Through a Revamped Culture

While not all companies are quick to change the way they set up their company culture, the successful ones are already making certain changes to attract the top millennial talent.

‘Flexibility and mobility are increasingly important for the millennial generation,’ continues Nash. ‘The most successful businesses will not gauge employee success based on time and attendance, but rather sales results and efficiency. In order to attract the best talent, businesses will do well by offering flexibility in schedules and will find creative ways to ensure their staff feel free to a life outside work.’

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