Attracting Candidates: 5 Companies with Awesome Benefits

By Adam Robinson,
May 31, 2012

In an earlier article we blogged about how a killer job description is key to luring those Millennials into applying for your job. Today the focus is on another hot hiring topic: benefits! Now don’t think we’re talking about the standard 401k, medical, dental, and blah blah blah benefits, no way, we’re talking about the coolest benefits you’ve ever heard of! Ping pong between meetings anyone? 

Whether your candidates are millennials just entering the work force or someone switching careers after 30 years at a company; benefits are always on the radar of those applying for jobs. Below we detail why it is important to offer unique benefits and 5 companies you can learn from today!

In Mashable’s article by Lauren Drell titled “Are These The Best Startup Perks You’ve Ever Seen?” she states that companies who are looking to attract fun, hardworking people should let their team behave as fun, hardworking people. Makes sense right? 

Neil Blumenthal, co-founder and co-CEO of Warby Parker said the best way to make people want to come to work is to create a fun and productive work environment. What better way to spend 40(+) hours than in a dog friendly office where there is no dress code, catered lunch, in-office massages, and weekly raffles for $500 in cold hard cash (Yes really!). So are you ready to offer better benefits to entice those fun and hardworking candidates? Check out the five companies below to see exactly why it works to lead by example…

Best Startup Benefits

Who doesn’t want to drink at work? Thrillist, a men’s lifestyle brand, tops the list of best startup benefits with free beer-on-tap and beer, whisky, and vodka tastings for employees cause “you gotta know what your selling!” Also encouraged is March Madness Brackets and Fantasy Football teams, a paid vacation day on your birthday, 100% medical coverage to employees and dependents, and last but not least, it’s a dog friendly office. Woof!

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Best Millennial Benefits

Chicago based Red Frog Events is a hit with millennials and for good reasons! “Frogs,” are offered one fully paid trip to one Red Frog event per year for family members. It keeps getting better: free beer, energy drinks, and snacks, iPhone reimbursement, charitable contributions matches, “Morale Moolah”, Office dŽcor allowance, and every five years they must take a fully paid four-week sabbatical to Africa, Asia, Europe or South America with any one person of choice. Hard life huh?

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Best Mommy & Daddy Benefits

Just because it’s a biopharmaceutical company doesn’t mean it’s boring! Amgen Employees have 17 paid holidays a year (on top of three weeks of vacation) and parents can drop their kids off at the on-site day care center, pick up bouquets at the in-house gift shops and grab a takeout breakfast or lunch at the cafeteria, which prepares healthy meals to go. New moms enjoy a variety of perks at Amgen, like on-site Lamaze and breastfeeding classes, lactation rooms and a nutritional program with one-on-one counseling. Hello parents of the year!

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Best “Health” Benefits

SAS Institute is a busines software company from North Carolina that offers an in-house gym, weight room, billiards hall and Olympic-size pool as well as a company masseuse. If that doesn’t get your blood pumping, SAS also offers high-quality, low-cost child care, unlimited sick days and a free medical center staffed by four physicians and 10 nurse practitioners. Talk about healthy! 

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Best Total Package

Do you even need to guess? Google has been and probably always will be the first company that comes to mind when you think of cool benefits. From on-site doctors and haircuts to outdoor endless lap pools, 16 free gourmet cafes, 3 months of take-out food for new parents, and multiple playgrounds inside their epic headquarters, Google seems to have it all! And if your still not convinced, check out the Japanese high tech toilets installed in their offices…

So what are you waiting for? Cherry pick your benefits from these five companies and get ready to watch the candidates flood in! See how Hireology can help you build a killer job descriptions while including your cool benefits and get started on streamlining your hiring process today in our solutions page

Happy Hiring!

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