Chief Financial Officer Certification

Attract and Hire Your Best Team with Confidence

Complete this certification course to make the most of the Hireology platform, save time and money, and staff up with quality employees who will drive profitability for your business.


2 Lessons

6 Videos

xx Minutes, xx Seconds

  Course Completion Time


Section One: State of the Market

The historically-low unemployment rate has created an applicant-driven economy, meaning job seekers can be more selective when searching for new opportunities. Learn how your team can stand out from the competition and attract top talent.


Today’s top job seekers are looking for more than an exchange of time for money. They expect defined career paths and learning opportunities when considering open roles, and an engaging candidate experience once they’ve applied. Here’s how your team can meet the needs of top talent.


Section Two: Insights



Hireology’s actionable analytics platform, Insights, leverages your hiring data to further improve your hiring process and drive greater ROI. In this series of lessons, you’ll learn how to measure the success of your hiring efforts and hold your team accountable to improving.


The longer a position goes unfilled, the more productivity is disrupted. With Hireology’s Hiring Velocity Insight, learn how to measure and improve your time-to-hire with a clear understanding of applicants reviewed, time-to-review and average time spent in each hiring step.


Ensure your team follows an impactful and compliant hiring process. This lesson will walk through our Process Adherence Insight, helping you gain clear visibility into your process health and hold team members (or locations) accountable to following proven hiring steps.


It’s important for your team to avoid overspending on recruitment marketing channels that don’t drive results. Learn about our Sourcing ROI Insight, which outlines the channels that deliver the most quality applicants, hires and ROI.


The Hireology Employment Brand Playbook

Excite top talent about your open roles with a compelling employment brand.

The Hireology Candidate Engagement Playbook

Learn best practices to keep candidates engaged during each step of the hiring process.

The Hireology Onboarding

Engage new hires and boost productivity with an automated onboarding process.

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