A Note To Our Customers: How Improving Usability Starts With YOU

By Robyn Burke,
April 8, 2015

This is a guest blog written by Hireology User Experience Designer, Robyn Burke.

As a UX Designer here at Hireology, any problems or pains you experience with our app are my #1 concern. I am here strictly to help make your life easier (regarding your interaction with Hireology, of course; unfortunately I can’t help you with your personal woes).

Our UX team is solely focused on the usability of our product, or how you engage and interact with our technology to achieve your desired results. We constantly aim to pinpoint problems in our app that users find frustrating or hard to use and create solutions for improving these experiences. Our end-goal is to make Hireology so natural and easy to use that you don’t have to spend time figuring out how to get something done, but instead focus on your task at hand: finding candidates and hiring the right people.

How do we determine which problems to tackle, you might ask? Well, great question!

We rely on customers just like you to give us your feedback, tell us where you struggle within our app, and provide us with ideas to help improve your workflow. As we collect your feedback, we look at the nature of each request and determine if:  

a.) the problem is an urgent matter (such as a bug fix),

b.) an additional request to a current feature, or

c.) a new feature request.

We tackle all high priority items first. After, we begin to determine the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’ of each feature request helping us to creatively troubleshoot, identify patterns, and appropriately prioritize in order to achieve the greatest impact to the majority of our customer base. After we’ve identified which problems to tackle and begin working on improvements to the app, we count on our users once again to test new designs and yep, you guessed it, provide us with feedback on the usefulness and ease of use of our new concepts. We then iterate on these concepts and designs until a new feature is ready for release.

So, maybe you’ve thought before, ‘if Hireology had ÔX,’ my life would be so much easier’ or ‘this part of the app drives me nuts.’ Well, let your voice be heard. For your own sake and for the sake of all of our customers, please, join the conversation! In addition to the traditional channels of feedback, we recently created a Hireology Product VIP program for our customers who are interested in having a personal impact on the future of Hireology.

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