8 Things Candidates Want Besides Being Hired

By Adam Robinson,
October 7, 2013

The experience a candidate has when applying and interviewing for your open position, could make or break the way you are perceived by other candidates.


Candidates talk! Whether it’s on Glassdoor.com or Facebook, candidates will tell the world about the experience they had applying for your job. In fact, candidate experience has become so important in today’s connected age, that an award has been created for companies with the best candidate experience.

A good candidate experience starts with the following 8 things:

1. Less Clicks to Apply

Do you have to create a user name and password to apply for your job? You might as well cut your expected candidate flow in half! The more clicks your application process has, the less candidates will apply. 

Don’t know how many clicks your hiring process has? Apply for your own job and count how many clicks it takes you to complete the application. More then 20 and you should cut out some of your process.

2. A “Thanks for Applying” Email

Letting your candidate know you received their application is perhaps one of the best ways to better your candidate’s experience. You can automate the process using technology or you can take the time to personally thank each and every candidate for applying.

Sending a “Thanks for Applying” email will eliminate the fear candidate’s have that they are applying to a “resume black hole.” 

3. A Tour of the Office

Red Frog Events, an events management company in Chicago, is notorious for giving every visitor that steps foot into their office a full tour. This establishes a connection with the visitor or candidate and makes them feel welcome.

Take a page from RFE’s book and take each candidate on a quick tour of the office, stopping at the kitchen to offer coffee, water, tea, and making the visit feel extremely important to your day.

4. To meet their potential coworkers

Introducing your candidate to their potential coworkers is an important part of the candidate experience. In the war for talent, introducing the candidate to the team will give them the idea that your culture is open and friendly.

5. Legal Interview Questions

Every candidate wants to be asked legal interview questions. Double check your interview guides for any questions that might be against the law. Sometimes your favorite interview question could be illegal! Think you may be asking illegal interview questions? See the 5 most commonly asked illegal interview questions here.

6. A Full Explanation of Compensation and Benefits

Being secretive about the expected compensation and benefits is not a good idea. Candidates may assume that you are holding back and will discontinue efforts to secure the job. Make it a priority during the interview process to fully explain to candidates what they can expect for compensation and benefits if they are employed.

7. To have their background checked

It sounds funny but all candidates want the chance to be hired, and if that means getting a background check then check away. Ensure you get the candidate’s approval before going forward with a background check. If any hits show up on the check, follow up with the candidate and explain the reasons behind why you aren’t hiring them.

8. An Honest and Time Sensitive Rejection Letter

Not moving forward with a candidate? Send them a personalized, honest, and time-sensitive rejection letter. This means that the second you determine you do not want to hire a candidate, begin to draft an email. Personalizing the correspondence is also important as candidates will not feel like you mass emailed them.

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