7 Buzzwords Hiring Managers are Tired of Hearing

By Team Hireology,
August 6, 2014

The creation of a buzzword is a dismal process. What starts out as a fresh phrase eliciting excitement and energy is soon copied to death, its meaning virtually spoken out of it. The use of such phrases is especially prevalent in the hiring process, where candidates will do anything to present themselves as fresh, capable, and exciting. In the midst of all this resume-padding and self-promotion, hiring managers have to be careful what they believe

That being said, buzzwords can also be a test, and they have their time and place. The best candidates will either find a fresh way to use them, or provide authentic support out of recognition that they can’t stand alone. So if you find yourself inwardly rolling your eyes during an interview, at the very least pay attention to the rest of your candidate’s sentence. After all, there’s no question that earning the use of a buzzword is a skill in its own right.

Here’s our list of the seven hiring buzzwords hiring managers are tired of hearing: 

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