5 Things You Need to Know About Hiring This Week

By Adam Robinson,
April 5, 2013

Can Staying at the Same Job too Long Hurt You?

A reader wrote to Ask a Manager inquiring about the risks/benefits of staying at a company for a long period of time (in this instance 12 years). The reader explains he/she has been promoted since starting at the company, but after talking with some recruiters, he/she has become fearful that longevity may be viewed as a strike against them. 

Alison Green explains there isn’t a specific number of years you should stay at a company before moving on. She does note this is not an invitation to begin job-hopping, but having a well-rounded background does stand out to recruiters and hiring managers. 

Report: Who’s Using Social Networks

Are you using social media? If not, this article may convince you to start. Of all Internet users, 67 percent also use social media sites.

What does this mean for your business? That social media is a great tool to communicate with customers. 

The Three Keys to Effective Employee Recognition 

“Drive-by recognition or praise is not enough.” — Derek Irvine, Inc.

There’s a lot of hype surrounding employee recognition, but there’s very little content out there on how to effectively recognize employees. Derek Irvine wrote an article for Inc. about how to approach employee recognition within your company. His advice, it’s all about what you say, how you say it and when.  

Wondering what Irvine means by this? Check out his article here

What Type of Culture Do You Have 

According to Andy Porter of Fistful of Talent, company culture typically falls within one of three categories: Mission-driven, expertise and people

Although your company culture may have elements from all of these categories, Porter explains there is likely a dominant category. 

To learn what elements each of these traits encompass, take a look at Porter’s article here.

Reward vs. Punishment: What motivates people more 

In this article, Issie Lapowsky reports on a study of 150 public school teachers in Chicago Heights, Illinois. An economics professor at the University of Chicago split the teachers up into two groups; one group was told they would receive a bonus at the end of the year if student test scores improved and the other was told they would receive the bonus at the start of the school year, but would have to return if test scores did not improve.

The study found teachers in the latter group produced student test scores that were higher than those in the group who were promised the bonus at the end of the year.

So what does this mean for your company? Read the rest of the article to find out

Three Critical Hiring Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make 

Joyce Bethony, the Director of Recruiting for Communications Collaborative, wrote an article for TLNT about the three most common and costly hiring mistakes.

  1. Posting an overwhelming or unrealistic job description
  2. Having a never-ending interview process
  3. Never taking a risk

So, how can you avoid these mistakes? Take a look at the article 


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