5 Things to Know About Hiring This Week

By Team Hireology,
January 10, 2014

How To Empower Individuality

Many people think that allowing employees to show their individuality within the workplace is too good to be true. However, after a recent study, it has been found that allowing your employees to be themselves actually does have a positive outcome on retention as well as satisfaction with customers. Many managers don’t know where to begin when it comes to allowing employees to express their individuality. Luckily, Adam Vaccaro has provided a few tips. 

1. Start at the beginning. Express the importance of individuality during the orientation process. 
2. Debrief together. This allows employees to look back on their individual experiences.
3. Brainstorm separately. Employees should brainstorm individually and then bring ideas together. 

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New To Hiring?

Well established companies have many advantages over start ups. However, the most important advantage is that they already know how to hire. Start up companies lack the experience of hiring employees, and therefore, struggle with the hiring process. Ilan Mochari explains two tips to make the hiring process easier for new companies. 

1. Understand the legal basics. It’s important to know that during your hiring process, there are many questions that you are not allowed to ask, no matter how important or valuable you think the information could be. Even more, there are state-specific laws you must follow, as well as federal laws that may apply to your company depending on the size. 

2. Create a defined hiring process. Your hiring process needs to have well defined stages and goals in order for it to go smoothly and successfully. It’s important to not allow your candidates to ask whatever they please. You should have a previously planned out list of questions that will get at the job, including both skills and behaviors. Asking the same or similar questions will also help you to compare candidates.

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How To Become A Great Manager

Being a great manager is key for many things, including attracting candidates to your company as well as retaining candidates. Managers are the people who interact with employees to most. Therefore, all managers should be great! Are you worried that you might not be the best you can be? Lucky for you, Mel Kleiman has provided a simple checklist to go through to make sure you’re the best manager possible. 

Make sure that

  • Your employees know what’s expected of them
  • Your employees have the equipment and materials they need to perform jobs
  • Your employees have plenty of opportunities to do what they do best
  • You give recognition and praise to employees who go above and beyond
  • Your employees know you care about them
  • You encourage your employees to learn, grow, and develop
  • Your employees understand the values and mission of the organization
  • You help new employees develop friendships in the workplace
  • You have a review with your employees at least every 6 months
  • You inspire employee commitment to doing quality work

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Hiring Trends To Expect

According to CareerBuilder’s Annual Job Forecast, we should expect to see an increase in headcount this year. This study has also found many trends in hiring that we can expect to see in the upcoming year. As a hiring manager, it is important for you to consider these trends when you are hiring. John Zappe has broken it down into five hiring trends expected for 2014.

1. Companies will begin to hire more part-time employees. (17%)
2. More companies plan to onshore jobs. (26%)
3. Companies say that they are finding it difficult to find a qualified candidate for the job. View it as evidence of a widening skills gap. (51%)
4. Companies will begin to train employees who don’t have the experience. (49%)
5. Companies plan to promote their career opportunities to high schoolers. (25%)

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Dealing With A Lack Of Relevant Candidates

Experts are saying that we are in the middle of a talent drought. This is extremely important to recruiters and hiring managers, as there are some things they can do to help eliminate some of the pressure that comes with finding qualified candidates. Sean Pomeroy explains the actions that hiring managers and recruiters can take to help. 

First, he explains that you should change your perspective. The thought that a candidate should fit perfectly should be thrown out the window. Even more, managers should think about creating positions for candidates. Next, you should create talent pipelines. Although this is not a new idea, recruiters should begin to be more targeted and aggressive when building their supply chain. Lastly, you should embrace and encourage development. You need to work to turn an attitude into skills. 

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