5 Things Interns Look For In Their Internships

By Team Hireology,
November 7, 2013

A common question that us college kids find ourselves asking a lot is “how are we supposed to get experience when all jobs require us to have experience before we can be hired and no jobs will hire us to give us the experience?”. Because of this, internships are very popular among college students, as they provide the real-world experience that most companies look for before hiring someone. 

There are still some qualities that we look for when searching for internships.

1. Culture

Company culture is something that is often considered when looking for internships. Nobody wants to work for a company that has a boring, dull culture. Instead, a strong company cultures creates motivation for interns, and also creates a passion for the job.

2. Flexibility

Times are changing. Millennials have a much different set of values in comparison to previous generations. One of the things they value most is flexibility, whether it be flexible managers, flexible workplace, or flexible times. 

3. Freedom

We’re doing the internship so we can get the real-life experience that will make our transition into the workplace much simpler. If we don’t have freedom on the work that we are doing, or are doing tasks that do not relate to the job, there will be no motivation or passion. Of course some guidance is needed, but having the responsibilities and deadlines of a real job is a valuable experience. 

4. Feedback

Whether it is good or bad, we thrive on feedback. This is something that we are going to be doing for the rest of our lives. Knowing what we are doing poorly or doing well is a very important factor in our growth into e professional. Millennials are always wanting to be the best they can be, and feedback will help us to do so. Feedback throughout the internship as well as when it is finished are both crucial to us. 

5. Acceptance

This is our first experience in a professional work environment, and you can bet that we’re nervous. Acceptance from current employees is very important in an internship. Feeling welcomed will help us settle down and make it much easier to work. Even more, we will feel more motivated to share ideas, projects, etc. One easy way to do so from the beginning is a quick office tour and introductions. These simple gestures will make the office much more welcoming! 

These things will make an internship a much more valuable and successful experience for us interns who are only trying to better ourselves and transition into the real-world. 

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