5 Signs You Might Be Killing Company Culture & Creativity

By Team Hireology,
March 11, 2015

Most of us know the old saying, ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.’ It’s one that makes sense and can be applied to many things in life. But does anyone ever apply this saying during self-reflection? I guess not since it’s grammatically incorrect and it just sounds weird. Nevertheless, if you’re running a business it is important to reflect on your leadership skills and how it may be affecting your company; especially the office culture and employees.

We all know that no one’s perfect and if you’re self-aware, you know that there’s always room for improvement. As a business manager, improving your own leadership skills helps develop company culture and therefore, inspires your employees to work hard and actually care about the work they do.

But before you can improve your office environment and the work conducted within it, you first have to get rid the bad habits or behaviors that may be having a negative effect on your business. Below are five ways you can do just that:

Leadership Habits You Must Avoid

  1. Meddling With Employees Ideas-Just because you’re a manager or hold a leadership position within a company, it doesn’t mean you must be involved in EVERY little detail within the office. This is especially true during brainstorming sessions or when collaborating with employees on new projects. Interference during the creative process, as a manager, limits the creative potential of your employees. (It’s like having your parents try to hang out with you and your friendsÉas a teenager)
  2. Ignoring Others In The Office-Listening skills are vital to creating a successful office environment. Whether or not your ignorance is intentional, listening to what your employees have to say and putting forth an effort to connect with them on some level goes a long way. It helps build teamwork and a culture of transparency.
  3. Disregarding Core Values & Goals-There’s a good reason why companies have mission statements, values and ambitions; without them business direction is lost. Leaders must stay true to their core values and goals in order to move their businesses forward. This means having the will to let go of an all-star employee if he or she doesn’t believe in or goes against your business values. Follow your principles and you’re bound to build a workplace culture that thrives. Plus, this might help you avoid being known as a hypocrite amongst your employees as well!
  4.  Not Giving Credit When/Where It’s Due-This is a habit all leaders must avoid if they care to promote culture, creativity and overall motivation. Even when there’s a small accomplishment, such as finishing a project done well, give credit to that person and make it public in the office. People appreciate when they’re credited for hard work and it helps push other employees to work harder as well.
  5. Rushing The Hiring Process-It’s nearly impossible to build a suitable culture in your office if you don’t employ the right people. Hiring someone just to fill an open position is a big mistake and one that can lead to turnover. Make sure you have a hiring process that accurately evaluates job candidates and scores their abilities. Not only does this help fill your office will employees best fit for your office culture, but it also helps make the company parties MUCH more fun and tolerable.

Be sure to evaluate your own leadership skills before trying to make changes in the office, because the problem might begin with you. If you think about it, Ice Cube was right when he said, ‘You better check yo self before you wreck yo self!’ 

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