5 Hiring Lessons To Take From Country Music

By Team Hireology,
November 15, 2013

Country music is one of the most popular music genres in the nation and the popularity is still growing. People find it easy to relate to as well as enjoyable to listen to. However, country music can also be good for something else. We put a professional spin on it and found 5 lessons about hiring that we can learn from country music. 

1. It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere – Alan Jackson ft. Jimmy Buffett

“Workday passes like molasses in wintertime, but it’s July”. The main lesson to learn from this song is that you don’t want your employees to feel as if their workday is boring and dragging on. Employee motivation is key in making sure your employees are enjoying what they’re doing. Even more, hiring candidates who are passionate about the job will help to eliminate these feelings. 

2. Drink In My Hand – Eric Church

“Early Monday morning ’til Friday at 5, man I work, work, work…”. An important lesson to learn from Eric Church is that both your candidates and employees value flexibility. Flexible work hours are becoming more popular as millennials enter the business world. Instead of having a 9 to 5 work day be mandatory, allowing your employees to have more flexible work hours will create more productivity (as well as happy employees). 

3. Friends In Low Places – Garth Brooks

“Well I’ve got friends in low places..”. Just like Garth, your employees probably have friends in low places also. Take advantage of your current employees friends. Creating a strong referral program may provide you with quality candidates that may result in hires. Of course, you have to create an effective referral program and have incentives for employees who participate. For more about referral programs, check out our blog post

4. Online – Brad Paisley

“I’m so much cooler online”. Social media is running the world these days. Recently, organizations are using social media in all areas of their business, whether it be to recruit, to market, to contact clients or other companies, etc. However, there are many ways that social media can be used in business that are illegal or just plain wrong. It is illegal in 7 states to ask for employees’ usernames and passwords. Even more, basing your hiring decision off of a candidate’s social media profile is not fair and could be illegal. There are many more important factors you should be considering instead of a social media profile. Of course, like Brad’s song, you should make sure your candidate isn’t lying about who they are, their experience, their skills, etc., even if it does make them “cooler”. 

5. Whatever She’s Got – David Nail

“I want, I want, I want whatever she’s got.” There are those candidates that have every skill and ability that you want for your company. There ain’t nothin’ you wouldn’t do to get this candidate to work for you. In order to get candidates to want to work for you, you have to make sure your organization is appealing. This includes things such company culture, benefits, work load, work hours, etc. If you do not present candidates with attractive offerings, they will go elsewhere. Essentially, make sure what you got is what they want. 

Of course, there are many other important factors of hiring that you need to know. For more information on hiring, check out our ebook titled ’26 Hiring Terms You Need To Know”.


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