4 Ways to Find and Hire Hardworking Millennials

By Natalie Pike,
February 19, 2015

When you think of Generation Y, sick days, casual dress code and the desire to steal your job may be a few qualities that come to mind. In reality, millennials are the group you need to hire as soon as possible. By next year, millennials will account for 36% of the U.S. workforce and by 2025, they will account for 75% of the global workplace. They are committed, intelligent and multi-taskers extraordinaire.

Scoop them up before they’re working for your competitor. Here’s 4 ways to find and hire hardworking millennials.

1. Give an honest interview

Millennials like to hear things straight to the point and want to know what they need to do in order to keep their job. Tell them what your exact expectation is for the role. Mention what makes you mad or what you will not tolerate in the office. You want a hard working employee, so make them work for exactly what you want.


2. Don’t hire them if they exhibit a huge sense of authority

We’ve all been there. Your first “real” job typically requires some labor outside of the written job requirements. Millennials know that working their way up the totem pole is essential to a successful career. If they don’t, let them know. If someone walks into your office with a noticeable sense of entitlement, I’d suggest trying another candidate out instead.


3. Don’t let their alma mater sway you.

Yeah, we’re all impressed with the Harvards, Stanfords and Yales of the world, but what does that really matter when it comes to the success of your open position? According to Lesley Jane Seymour, Editor In Chief at More Magazine, “My hardest-working, most attentive, most intelligent starters still come from schools with un-fancy names. They’re millennials, not slackers. I have come to believe that America’s top-tier schools are doing their graduates a disservice by boosting their expectations about starter jobs.”

4. When you find a superstar, make them happy and don’t be scared to lose them.

Top tier millennials are hard to find. Once you do, give them what they want. You can be rough and tough during the interview process. I mean, you want the best of the best. But once you found that great fit, give them a raise once in a while or let them take some vacation time off. Hopefully, they’ll stick around. If they eventually decide to move on, you’ve gained their loyalty and you never know – they could come back to you in the future. 

Get ahead of the game. Your competitors just hired their first millennial yesterday. Don’t wait around for an exceptional team to just walk through the door. Take these four ways into consideration and go find (and hire) yourself some great Gen Y talent. 

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About the Author

Natalie is the Marketing Strategist, responsible for knowing the ins and outs of the SMB Industry, educating prospects on hiring best practices and positioning Hireology as a thought leader in the SMB space. She started at Hireology in 2014, writing blogs, planning events and managing the various social media platforms. Prior to working in the “real world,” she attended Purdue University (Boiler Up!) majoring in Broadcast Communications and competing on the Women’s Water Polo Team.

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