4 Ways To Boost Productivity & Improve Your Hiring Process

By Team Hireology,
February 18, 2015

We all have those days when we’re feeling sluggish or offbeat. Sometimes it’s because we’re lacking sleep or have too much on our schedule to handle. Other times it could just be because BuzzFeed is killing it with awesome quizzes for the day. Regardless of what causes us to be unproductive, there’s always that one thing we need but can’t quite obtain on these types of days: focus!

Inc. Magazine recently published an article about the psychology of productivity and used results from their Inc. 500 survey. According to the survey, ’85 percent of fast-growth-company CEOs work 10 or more hours a day’ and that ‘Under such circumstances, personal productivity isn’t just a metric. It’s also a mandate.’ 

Those hours may be necessary for CEOs, yet the same can be said about employees in other positions, especially hiring managers at these ‘fast-growth-companies.’ It’s hard to stay on top of your work if you can’t be consistently productive, yet alone hire the right people in a timely manner. 

If you’re looking for ways to increase your personal productivity, whether in the office or at home, here are the four ways according to Inc.‘s article:

#1. ‘Go to the Root of Your Procrastination’

Addressing why you procrastinate is the first step towards strengthening your productivity. Sometimes the reason why is because of fear or the fear of making the wrong decision. ‘With uncertainty comes fearfulness. You have to acknowledge that fear.’ – Timothy Pychyl, Professor of Psychology at Carleton University

#2. ‘Focus on Progress, Not on To-Dos’

It’s easier to tackle projects if you chip-away at them, rather than focusing on the long-term, overall goal. Plus, there’s always self-satisfaction in seeing your own progress. Although to-do lists are helpful for organization, it’s worth it to ‘maintain a Ôhave done’ list-or at least reflect on your accomplishments for a few minutes at the end of each day-to keep yourself motivated.’

#3. ‘Beware of Time Thieves’

Everyone has a guilty pleasure, which sometimes consumes more of our time than we’d prefer (eh hem, BuzzFeed). The key is acknowledging what that time consuming thing is and trying to focus on what really needs to be done during a specific moment in time.

‘If you didn’t have any of that (other unnecessary, time consuming things), and you could do one thing right now that would help get you to the next level of contribution, what would you do?’ – Greg McKeown, author of Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less

#4. ‘Be In-the-Moment With Everything You Do’ 

The last step towards helping boost your productivity is by living in the moment, as clichŽ as it may sound.

‘The more time, thought, and energy you expend going down a road, the harder it is to change course when the destination looks dicey. New research from Insead and the Wharton School shows that subjects who meditated were much more likely to abandon a lost-cause project than those who did not.’

Apply these four steps to your daily routine and you might be surprised at how much more productive your days become. Apply these steps during your hiring process and you could end up hiring better-fit employees as well. 

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