3 Ways To Recycle Your Hiring Leftovers

By Team Hireology,
December 2, 2014

Thanksgiving Day has come to pass; yet that might not be the same case for your turkey hangover (I know I typically feel full for at least a week after a Thanksgiving dinner). The only positive thing to take away from eating a great holiday meal besides satisfaction for your taste buds would be the leftovers-the glorious evidence of what once was a grand meal. 

Leftovers should be honored for several reasons: they’re resourceful, they help you get the most out of what you spent on your meal and they’re a delicious way to help spread the holiday love to those who might have missed out on your meal (this is pretty much the same as re-gifting if you’re tired of eating leftovers-regardless, it’s still a nice gift, especially for college kids!). 

The best part about leftovers is that they can be applied to many things in life, including to those in the hiring business. Once you’ve hired an employee, your hiring efforts don’t always end there. Whether you’re hiring the next week or later down the line, it’s crucial to save some things from every interview process no matter the outcome.

Here are three things you should always save and recycle from your interviews with candidates:

Remember: These are keepers! 

1.)  Job Descriptions -once you’ve come up with a creative, enticing way to describe your open position, be sure to save it right away. You never know if and when you’ll be hiring for this position again, so it’s important to save your draft of the description. Also, it will help you write new ones in the future by having a prior job description for a reference.

2.)  Applications -this leftover is usually overlooked by many hiring managers. Always save the applications you receive (unless they’re immediate mismatches) because you never know when you might come across a former applicants’ path again. Some people take longer than others to build their skill sets and therefore, their resumes. Who knows? The next time a former applicant applies, he or she could be the perfect fit for your job.

3.)  Personality Skills Tests -always save your skills tests, especially the ones that can cross over various industries and give you a general understanding of the candidate and his or her talents

In a perfect world, we’d all be saving and recycling as much as possible. Unfortunately, that has yet to be accomplished, but it doesn’t mean we can’t try. Why waste perfectly good material when you don’t have to? Be sure to save most of the documents you use during the interview process. It’ll save you a ton of time during your next interview and it’ll also help you fine-tune your entire candidate selection process-giving you a better view of the candidate each time you hire!

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