3 Ways to Improve your Hiring Technology

By Adam Robinson,
February 28, 2014

Google and Facebook have entire teams dedicated to their user’s experience, shouldn’t hiring managers be dedicating some of their time to the candidate experience? “The ATS is an extension of your employer brand and should be treated as such,” states Simply Hired’s LeeAnn Prescott in a blog article published this week. “It’s no different than when customer service organizations work to enhance the company brand by providing service representatives with scripts, behavior guidelines, etc.”

If you want to get the most out of your hiring technology, it’s time to start thinking about the experience your candidate has when applying for your open jobs. In Prescott’s piece, she highlights several ways hiring managers can prevent their ATS from working against them:

1. Move it to the Cloud

Dropbox and Google Drive have a combined total of more then 320 million users worldwide. What this tells hiring managers is candidates want to get their information from anywhere, not from a downloaded software. “The ability to store documents (such as resumes and cover letters) in the cloud and access them from any device is now seen as a necessity rather than a convenience for many web users,” states Prescott.

2. Stop Asking Unnecessary Questions

Simply Hired’s post explains that “if your ATS asks for unnecessary or redundant information, provides insufficient options for the explanation of unusual life circumstances, or sends automated rejections minutes after scanning a resume for keywords, candidates can draw the conclusion” that your hiring technology is “inefficient, inflexible, and will require too much time.”

This decreases the number of candidates that will apply for your job, which means your chances of finding the right person is diminished.

3. Match your Hiring Technology to your Culture

Companies with great company culture, generally have great hiring technology. Why? Because they understand the importance of a good experience. Take the culture gurus over at Zappos, their application process is formed around marketing challenges, a virtual interview, a video cover letter, as well as normal application documents.

Instead of being a boring time-consuming process, the application process is fun and easy, kind of like their culture. Improving your candidate experience and getting the most out of your HR technology is the easiest way to increase candidate flow and streamline your hiring process. 

Read the entire Simply Hired post here: How to Prevent Your ATS from Working Against You

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