3 Tips to Find Great Candidates While Hiring for Pet Care

By Team Hireology,
December 7, 2016

Where do you start when it comes to employing the best people for your pet care business? It’s not easy to find and retain quality employees when this industry is constantly battling high turnover. With better recruiting and screening techniques, it is possible to find candidates who are eager to join your team and best suited to stick around for the long haul.


Three Keys for Effective Hiring

Here are three tips to help you find great candidates for your pet care business:

1) Describe What You Want

Everything starts with a well-thought-out job description. Before you begin recruiting, you have to define your needs and state what you want from the ideal employee. This then forms the foundation of your job ads and gives job candidates a better understanding of what to expect in this position.

Your job descriptions that appear on ads and job boards must have an appealing, enthusiastic tone. They must also outline what makes you such a great employer. Do you offer flexible schedules, attractive starting pay and/or any benefits? Make people want to apply to your job while understanding what’s being offered and expected of them in this position.

2) Expand Your Recruiting Strategy

Don’t solely rely on job boards. The downside is that you might be overwhelmed with candidates, especially unqualified ones, due to the fact that it’s usually easy to apply. This may cause you to waste time sifting through multiple resumes that don’t even apply to your open job or business.

The best way to recruit is by having a diversified and targeted strategy. Post your job openings where you want to find your future employees, whether that’s on your own careers page on your company website or at local veterinary hospitals and pet stores, if allowed. Share your job openings on your social media pages and stay active in your community where pets are welcomed to let every pet lover know that you’re hiring.


3) Double-Check for Confidence

Always screen your candidates to confirm you’re hiring the best-fit people for the job and your pet care business. Ask candidates how they would handle common situations they might encounter on the job. Try to learn more about their personalities so you can be certain that they have the interpersonal skills and traits to thrive in your business.

Background checks are another way to be thorough during the candidate screening process. Make sure all criminal history and records are investigated for every candidate. If you want to guarantee the safety of your clients’ pets, background checks are the best way do so; the same goes for reference checks as well.  Your customers will be satisfied knowing that you took the extra steps to ensure that their pets are always in good hands.

Your customers rely on you to make smart hiring decisions. The best way to warrant their trust is by investing in the extra time it takes to recruit and hire the best people-those who can truly fit in and make a difference at your pet care company.

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