3 Tips to Find Great Candidates While Hiring for Home Healthcare

By Adam Robinson,
August 30, 2016



Recruiting the best people is a constant challenge in the home healthcare business. The industry is known for its high turnover, leaving managers in the position of looking for new talent on a regular basis. With better recruiting and screening techniques, it’s possible to find candidates who are not only eager to join your team initially but who want to stay there over the long term.


The Keys to Successful Hiring


Here are three tips that can help you find great candidates:


1. Define Your Needs

Before you start recruiting, make sure you have an up-to-date, thorough, job description. This will form the basis of your job ads and will give candidates a good idea of what to expect in the role.

Your ads should have an inviting, enthusiastic tone. Point out the advantages of working for your home health firm. Do you offer a flexible schedule? Attractive starting pay? Tuition assistance to those pursuing nursing degrees? Make people want to apply at your particular home health firm by highlighting what makes you a great employer.

At the same time, don’t try to sugarcoat less favorable aspects of the job by strictly focusing on how rewarding it is to help people. While your nursing staff likely has a good sense of what to expect already, entry-level personal care aides may not. The fact that they need to handle tasks like bathroom assistance, bathing and repeated lifting should be clear at the outset. You want people who understand the challenge and welcome it.


2. Diversify Your Recruitment Strategy

Many companies make the mistake of focusing exclusively on online job boards. The big downside is that you can be overwhelmed with candidates, since it’s so easy for people to apply. You may find yourself wasting time evaluating a mountain of applications from unqualified people.

The best strategy is a diversified, yet targeted, one. Post your job openings at nursing schools and offer current employees a referral bonus for recommending qualified candidates. Sharing your openings on social media and attending healthcare job fairs can also expose you to great prospects. You may even want to hire a recruiter to find more experienced personnel, such as skilled nurses and managers.


3. Be Thorough

Leave no stone unturned in your screening process. Rather than the predictable ‘Where do you see yourself in five years?’ line of questioning, ask how people would handle common situations they may encounter on the job. Also try to learn about personality traits, so you can make sure candidates have the interpersonal skills and flexibility to thrive in home healthcare. A hiring app is a great tool for keeping the process on track, providing testing and evaluating prospects.

Be just as thorough with background checks. This stage simply isn’t optional in the home healthcare industry because lives are at stake. Make sure education, certifications, criminal history and driving records are investigated. Background checks for a particular position should be consistent among all candidates to avoid any legal claims of discrimination. Also, make sure to follow through with reference checks as well. 


Your customers depend on you to make smart hiring decisions. Investing extra time in the recruiting and hiring stage can help ensure your new employees fit in and make a difference with their work. 


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