3 Components of a Strong Dealership Job Description

By Team Hireology,
March 18, 2016

Your dealership is only as strong as the people you hire. The same can be said about any business; if you’re not bringing in the type of talent that’s both needed to fuel your company on a daily basis and continuously drive it forward, then you’re hiring needs some tweaking. But before you can hire superior talent, you need to know how to attract quality candidates first.

One of the best ways to get the type of candidates you want at your dealership is by writing great job descriptions, which are a critical part of the hiring process. Job descriptions are the first point of contact you have with your prospective candidates. It’s the one place where you get to give your sales pitch on why the best talent should be working at your dealership. It’s also the one place many dealerships fail to take advantage of during the hiring process.

To be successful at this stage of the hiring process, you have to make your descriptions attractive, as well as informative. Otherwise, smarter candidates won’t take the time to read them and you’ll only get mediocre candidates who are just looking for a paycheck. Therefore, before you start spreading the news (yes, that’s a Sinatra reference) that you’re hiring, be certain that you’re crafting eye-catching job descriptions.

Below are several things you should focus on while trying to attract quality talent for your dealership with better descriptions of your open jobs:

Three Must-haves On Your Job Post:

1) Why this is a great opportunity-think to yourself, why would someone want to start a career at your dealership? What sets your dealership apart from your competitors? Let your applicants know what kind of opportunity you’ll be providing, as well as Ôhow’ you’ll be doing so. Do you provide career paths? If so, explain it. Let your applicants know that you’re a dealership that cares about their careers and are willing to help coach them along the way.

2) Why this is a great place to work-this is where you describe your workplace culture, as well as job perks and anything else that makes your dealership an enjoyable, comfortable place to work. One of the top qualities you can measure in candidates is whether or not they are the right culture fits for your dealership. If you want these people to stick around for the long-term, then they better be able to fit in and believe in your dealership’s mission and values.

3) Responsibilities & Qualifications-while it’s essential to let your applicants know what your open jobs entail, it’s even more important to be realistic. You have to set the stage and highlight all of the details of the job, both good and less ideal. There are going to be times for every job when there’s difficult work to do, but if you’re open with your candidates, they’ll be more likely to focus on the positives and stick around when the negatives arise at work.

For more information on how to write effective, high-quality job descriptions, click here.

Don’t jump the gun when you’re posting your open positions on job boards or your career site. Take the time to carefully think through everything that your jobs consist of and the type of value you’ll be providing for your future employees. Do this right and you’ll start to see a rise in the quality of talent that flocks to your dealership.

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