Employee referral programs have always been a great source of talent for all types of businesses. By tapping into your existing employees’ networks, you can connect with talent you might not otherwise be able to through traditional channels like job boards. Plus, referrals end up being better performers once hired and they stick around longer, ultimately increasing productivity and reducing churn at your organization.
But to yield these results, you need to put real effort into planning and executing your program. You need to decide on an appropriate bonus amount, determine who is eligible to participate, and make it really easy for folks to submit referrals from their professional networks. And one key employee referral component many organizations overlook is effectively marketing your program and your open roles internally. When you get this right, your employees are more likely to participate, thus helping you drive more quality candidates and hires.
Hireology helps you do just that. Because of our recent acquisition of EmployUs, our platform now gives you the power communicate the details of your program internally through multiple channels — much like you would with your external marketing campaigns. And the best part is you can execute these campaigns directly from Hireology, eliminating the need to navigate multiple systems and devices. 
Here’s a closer look at the three types of employee referral campaigns you can power using Hireology:

Text message campaigns

With EmployUs technology you can send customizable text campaigns directly to your internal teams to highlight open roles and incentivize sharing. What’s more, folks won’t have to follow a link or log into an app in order to refer a candidate. They can then simply respond to the text with the name of their referral. Our technology follows-up via text to gather more information such as the referral’s contact information and a bit more about why they’d be a great fit. 
Texting campaigns work best for teams that don’t sit at a desk throughout the day or use email frequently. This way you can reach your teams where they are and make it as easy as possible for them to participate in your program on the go. And even if you do use email on your team, inboxes can get cluttered, fast. Texting campaigns provide you with a more direct line of communication to your team members.

Email campaigns

Our email campaign technology works similarly to our texting option. You can send one-time campaigns directly to your team’s inboxes or automate recurring campaigns on whatever cadence you prefer. With our email campaign tool you can even choose from different templates and customize the subject line, body copy, and call to action. What’s more, you can A/B test different combinations of these components, allowing you to optimize your campaigns over time in order to boost participation and drive more referrals.

Flyers and physical signage

Physical signage campaigns are another great option for teams that do not work from a desk (think: retail employees, in-field representatives, or healthcare workers). You can create signs that feature your open roles and bonus payout amounts directly from the Hireology platform. Your signs can even include a QR code for easy referral submission from a smartphone. You can then post these anywhere your employees frequent.
What’s great about the Hireology employee referral technology is that no matter which channel your referrals come through, those candidates are automatically fed into your applicant tracking system — ensuring that they move through the hiring process alongside candidates from all of your other sources. Additionally, Hireology makes it easy to track the effectiveness of each channel so you can optimize your campaigns over time. For example, if you find that 80% of your referral candidates come through text, you might want to send more text campaigns and spend less time on email and physical signage. 
Since the launch of the Hireology + EmployUs integration, many of our customers are already seeing the results of effective employee referral campaigns. Among our customers, 38% of referrals are moved to the candidate phase compared to just 21% of non-referrals. And one out of every 10 referrals is actually hired, compared to just 2% of non-referrals.
If these numbers sound appealing to you or you’re struggling to fill your open roles amidst today’s tough hiring market, Hireology is here to help. Don’t wait, schedule a demo today to learn more.