As we continue to navigate a challenging hiring climate, you might be inclined to pour even more time and resources into paid job boards like Indeed and ZipRecruiter. Millions of people use these sites, so on the surface, it might seem like a perfect way to get your open roles in front of more job seekers and fill your roster faster.
But while channels like these can be a great way to reach more applicants, they’re not always your best source of quality applicants or eventual hires. In fact, among Hireology customers, career sites typically drive four times more hires than organic and sponsored job boards. And on average, just 2% of eventual hires come from job boards.
Here’s a closer look at why job boards are not always the best source for driving hires as well as what applicant sources you should add to your strategy to maximize your reach to applicants:

The problem with job boards

It’s important to note that some organizations do find success driving quality talent from job boards. And if your organization does see ROI from these sites, then they certainly should continue to be a part of your sourcing strategy. The key is making sure they’re not your only source of applicants.
Why? Despite reaching millions of job seekers and being incredibly easy for folks to navigate and use, job boards do have some limitations. Here’s a closer look.

Because of these limitations, it can be incredibly difficult — not to mention expensive — to fill your open roles quickly when relying on these sites alone. And at a time when you’re short-staffed and filling your open roles is critical to the success of your business, you need to do everything you can to set yourself up to connect with and reach the maximum number of quality candidates.

What sources should you use?

As noted above, this certainly does not mean you should completely eliminate job boards from your strategy. The key is understanding what channels are working best and allocating your resources accordingly. For example, if you’re finding that most of your hires come from Facebook, invest most of your time and efforts there. 
But again, no single channel should be your only source of applicants. To maximize your reach to applicants and fill open roles faster, it’s important to execute a recruiting strategy that includes a diverse range of sources. Here are a few channels to consider using alongside job boards to source candidates:

At the end of the day, your goal is to fill your open roles with the right people as fast as possible. Because ultimately, the success of your hotel depends on it. But doing so is easier said than done, especially given the increased competition and current hiring crisis. So relying on traditional sources like job boards alone is no longer going to cut it — particularly in the hospitality space.
So take time to consider one or two new channels you can add to your strategy to reach more job seekers today. Your team — and your guests — will thank you for it.