Were you able to attend our webinar about how to build a people strategy at your dealership as the pandemic comes to an end? We’ve attached the recording so you can rewatch the content anytime.

And here’s a brief synopsis of what was covered:
It’s been over a year now since the job market fell from the lowest unemployment rate in 60 years to the highest in over 100 years. Since February 2020, there has been a 20-point swing in unemployment. As vaccine distribution speeds up and government stimulus roles in, we’re seeing a return to the lower unemployment numbers that we were used to before the pandemic. In fact, we are fast approaching what economist predict will be potentially the lowest unemployment rate in history. Don’t let your dealership get left behind when it comes to capitalizing on the rebound. Hireology wants to help you make the most of what’s ahead, and our latest “best practice” workshop has some actionable ways to help you find and hire your best team.
In our webinar, we covered the following topics: