Employing automotive product specialists at your dealership shows that you understand today’s customer. Especially given the social distancing mandates and additional safety precautions, your customers don’t want to spend hours of back and forth with a salesperson. They want to talk to someone knowledgeable that can answer specific questions about particular products. 
According to the 2020 Cox Automotive Car Buyer Journey Study, an individual spends an average of  just under 15 hours shopping for a new vehicle, 10 hours of which are completed without ever entering a dealership. That means you need employees that know your products inside and out to answer any lingering questions they may have from their own research in order to drive value.

What’s the Difference Between a Product Specialist and a Salesperson? 

The typical car salesperson is intent on making a sale, regardless of the customer’s needs. Their job relies on commission, and that has put a bad taste in the mouths of car buyers everywhere. A product specialist differs greatly from the traditional salesperson in several ways: 

  1. They work on a fixed salary as opposed to hitting monthly sales numbers, allowing them to focus all of their energy on finding the best car for customers.
  2. They have extensive product knowledge of everything in your showroom and act as a resource to your customers.
  3. They listen intently to the needs of their customers to find the right fit.

Filling your showroom with product specialists rather than salespeople shows that you are dedicated to providing the best customer experience.  Here’s what you’ll need to attract a product specialist to your dealership. 

How to Attract the Right Automotive Product Specialist

There are two critical factors for attracting qualified candidates to fulfill your product specialist roles: the job post (which includes a job description) and your company’s career site. Most young job seekers aren’t looking to get into traditional auto sales, so highlight the fact that you’re hiring for a product specialist position to drive more interest in the younger market. Let job seekers know this key difference in the job description and post.

What to Look For When Hiring Automotive Product Specialists

According to the Hireology Customer Success team, here are the critical factors to look for when hiring for a product specialist:

There are loads of job seekers out there that could be the right fit for the role. Don’t limit your recruiting to only those with experience or a relative job history. As long as a candidate has the right attitude and personality, they could be the exact employee you’ve been looking for.

Where to Post Your Open Role

Knowing how to properly source candidates is a must when deciding where to post your open positions. You need to proactively determine where you want to locate top talent. Think about using job boards such as Indeed.com, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and Snagajob so you can source candidates from the world’s best job sites.
Here are the critical factors to consider when advertising your product specialist role:

Outside of utilizing job boards, you should attend college career fairs, and build a strong social media presence for your dealership by highlighting what makes your company stand out — such as your company culture, career opportunities, and employee reviews — on your dealership’s Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter pages.

How to Post Your Job

We’ve created a Product Specialist job description that you can use to outline your own post. Don’t forget to include a brief description of your company — including your core values and team structure. Top talent is attracted to a strong and positive work culture, and want to see a clear career path, as well as the impact your company has in the local community. Design and word choice also play an important role in attracting applicants, so be thoughtful when producing your own job postings.
Job: Product Specialist
Company: Awesome Automotive Group



Start Hiring Product Specialists Today

Product specialists can transform your dealership and your customer expectations around purchasing a vehicle. For more pointers on hiring for open roles in your dealership, read our eBook on the top 50 automotive job descriptions