Hireology is excited to announce a new, integrated hiring, payroll, and HR solution for long-term care providers with Proliant, a human capital management provider. The integration streamlines all HR functions including hiring, time and attendance, payroll processing and reporting, benefits administration and talent management, through the automated flow of critical employee data.
Through this partnership, Hireology and Proliant are directly addressing the challenges long-term care providers face with hiring and retaining qualified, engaged caregivers. The partnership enables long-term care providers to put the right technology in place to drive hiring success and business growth – while saving time and money. 
Through the integration, long-term care facilities can seamlessly send new hire data from Hireology to Proliant, freeing up time to focus on ongoing employee success. Key benefits of the partnership include:

How the Partnership Works 

As candidates are hired in the Hireology platform, long-term care providers can send new hire data to Proliant with a single click.
Supported fields that get transferred over include: 

Interested in learning more? See additional details about the Hireology and Proliant partnership here: https://hireology.local/integrations/proliant/.