Starting in October 2019, Indeed changed its job feed from Hireology to have “Sponsored Only” visibility. A sponsored post on Indeed means an employer pays for the job posting to appear in job seekers’ search results. 
For your jobs to appear in Indeed’s organic feed, we can partner with you to get your jobs scraped directly into the organic feed from your careers page. (In other words, job scraping is the process of copying the job listings on your career site and posting them in the organic feed.) 
This is possible only if you meet Indeed’s Search Quality Standards. While Hireology has no control over Indeed’s Search Quality Standards or policies, our customer success team is committed to helping you stay compliant and further diversify your recruitment channels.
Search Quality is central to Indeed’s mission and refers to the process that ensures search results for job seekers are free of spam, predatory offers and misleading listings. Indeed has a team dedicated to Search Quality and reviews all jobs submitted to determine their suitability. Jobs flagged for possible violations of search quality guidelines are held for review before being made visible in search results. Most are quickly cleared for inclusion but many are not. 
Review the following guidelines to make sure your job postings go live and achieve organic visibility on Indeed:

Keep Job Titles Clean and Concise

Make your job title the name of the particular job as it might appear on a business card, with no extra information or eye-catching gimmicks.

Write Effective Job Descriptions

Job descriptions should include the particulars a qualified candidate would search for as well as other details you think are important.

Specifying the Job Location

Only list the city where the job is located – or the nearest major city. Search results will automatically pull any city within a 25-mile radius.

Avoid “General Recruitment Language”

It’s okay to source multiple candidates with one job posting, but the description should read as though it’s for one person. There should be no mention of the following in the title or description:

Don’t try to game the system

Like other search engines, Indeed uses algorithms to provide the freshest, most relevant content in response to searches. Listings that attempt to exploit these principles by reposting roles within a short timeframe or posting roles in more locations than the job is offered for increased visibility will not be given the same visibility as a more relevant job. A good rule of thumb is that content that is good for applicants is also good for Indeed.

What Happens Next?

All jobs sent to Indeed are reviewed by Indeed’s Search Quality Team. The first time you submit your job postings, the process can be as fast as a few days or as long as a couple of weeks.
Their team reviews every aspect of your job posting and company to make sure the posting meets their criteria and that your company is legitimate. The good news is that once the team has reviewed your company and postings once, any subsequent job postings you submit should be posted within 24 hours, provided the postings meet Indeed’s guidelines.

How to Maximize Your Impact

Take a look at Indeed’s own documentation on search quality and dig deeper into the points shared in our recent post on Indeed best practices.
If you have any additional questions about increasing organic job board visibility or driving qualified applicants to your open roles, contact your Hireology Customer Success Manager or