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Name: Ian Eccles
Team: Engineering
Role: Manager, Software Engineering 
Ian Eccles joined Hireology in December 2015 as a Software Engineer. In the spring of 2017, Ian was promoted to a Lead Engineer, and with some encouragement and support from his VP and team, he moved into a management role in April 2019.
Ian, what path did you take to get where you are today?
I took an interest in computer programming when I was young and was encouraged to pursue it further by friends and family which led to me majoring in Computer Engineering in college. By the time I earned my second “D” in the Electricity and Magnetism physics class, I knew that engineering was not for me so I switched to majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics. I’ve worked in a number of roles across pretty diverse industries like textbook publishing, plastic injection molding, and oil & gas services, but the common thread between them all has always been programming. About four years ago I started looking for a new challenge and came across Hireology where I have grown not just as a software developer but have now moved into management.
You were recently promoted from an individual contributor role to manager, how did Hireology help develop your leadership skills?
Hireology has provided an environment where I feel comfortable taking on new roles and responsibilities due to our commitment to open communication and candid feedback. Joel Schlundt, VP of Engineering, has been a great role model and has been mentoring me as I grow into this role, and being able to have regular meetings with other managers has helped us all learn from our shared experiences.
What made you decide to join Hireology? 
After seeing a job opening and reviewing the website, I really liked the focus on core values, but I was skeptical that a company could really live by them. Once I started the interview process, though, my skepticism faded. The recruiting team communicated with me regularly throughout the entire process so I knew what I was heading into and potential next steps. At no point did I feel like I had been forgotten about or fallen off Hireology’s radar, instead I felt like Hireology treated me like a priority and deeply valued my time. I knew then that if Hireology was willing to put forth this much for an applicant, then they really must live by those core values.
What do you find most exciting about working at Hireology?
What excites me most is seeing what challenges my team will tackle next, and how they will approach them. It’s been a bit challenging for me to step back from most of the day-to-day coding I’ve been doing for the last 20 years, but seeing my team take on new challenges head-on while I do what I can to help them brings me a lot of joy.
What is your favorite Hireology core value and why?
I think it’s a tie between “Own the Result” and “Eager to Improve”. Working for a company where we hold ourselves accountable while encouraging self-improvement allows us to make mistakes, make corrections, and get better at what we do and grow as a team and as individuals.
How do you contribute to Hireology’s culture?
I try to live by the core values as best I can: reaching out when someone needs help, holding myself accountable for commitments I’ve made, listening to feedback — especially when it’s hard to hear — and making improvements based on it.
Where in the office do you do your best thinking? 
As a remote employee, my office is a little different than the Hireology office, but I typically do my best thinking pacing in my back yard.
How would you define Hireology’s culture?
I would describe Hireology’s culture as being infectious. Working at Hireology, you are surrounded by very positive and honest people who want to help you not just do your best, but to be your best, and before you know it, you are doing the same for them. Hireology makes me want to be not just a better coworker, but a better person, and I have never experienced anything quite like that anywhere else I have worked.
What is one thing that people don’t know about you?
My Erdős number is 5.
One of Hireology’s benefits that we offer employees is unlimited vacation. What will you be doing next to utilize this perk?
My wife and I will be welcoming our first child into the world, and I’ll probably spend some of the time renovating one of our bedrooms into a suitable nursery.
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