This post is part of our Hireology employee spotlight series. Continue reading to learn more about a day in the life as a Hireologist!
Name: Drew Barlow
Team: Sales, Automotive
Role: Business Development Representative II
Drew joined Hireology in September 2018 and has already received a promotion. Read on to learn more about Drew and his impact on our automotive sales team.
Drew, can you tell readers a bit about what you’re working on?
I’m currently a Business Development Representative Level II  supporting our incredible outside sales teams in Texas and Florida. I’m also working toward my second promotion to Account Representative within consecutive quarters. Right now, our team is placing a heavy emphasis on growing our presence in these larger markets, where our dedicated regional reps can provide potential customers with the best possible experience.
What is one thing people don’t about you?
I have broken my nose 6 times, a few from sports-related breaks and a few freak accidents but it’s safe to say the universe does not want me to have a straight nose.
What path did you take to get to where you are today?
I graduated from Indiana University in 2016 (Go Hoosiers) and then worked for Yelp as an Account Executive on the local sales team for two years before joining Hireology.
How would you define Hireology’s culture?
Hireology’s culture is an inclusive environment fueled by high-caliber, bright and, most importantly, kind people. It’s pretty rare to find a company where colleagues collaborate so seamlessly across different departments and I think our ability to do this stems from caring for each other, while also knowing we don’t need to shy away from challenging each other.
What brought you to Hireology?
I heard about Hireology through friends. After doing some homework and after my first onsite interview, I knew I wanted to be a part of the team. I’ve been through plenty of job interviews and I can definitively say Hireology stands out as the absolute best, our product speaks for itself.
What is exciting about working here?
I love seeing tangible results from the work that I put in knowing that I am helping our team work toward a larger goal. It’s pretty incredible what you can do when 200 people are all working on the same frequency.
Where in the office do you do your best thinking?

Vertispect (our quiet work space) is my all-time favorite for planning out the day, super quiet with a great view looking west of the lake.
Who is your favorite artist?
I’m a huge Mick Jenkins fan and have basically had his entire discography on repeat for the last few weeks. I really love seeing good music coming out of Chicago and he is one of the best right now.
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