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Name: Liz Walla
Team: Sales, Healthcare
Role: Account Executive II
Liz has been with Hireology since May 2018, she started as an Account Executive I and was recently promoted to Account Executive II. Read on to learn more about Liz and her impact on our Healthcare Team.
Liz, can you tell readers a bit about what you’re working on?
I recently transitioned to our Healthcare team. I’ve been busy reading up on industry trends and researching to better understand the challenges specific to my region and my clients.
What path did you take to get to where you are today?
After high school, I left Nebraska for the big city and never looked back. I attended Loyola University and graduated with a degree in Communications with a focus in Metalsmithing. While working on my jewelry collection, I decided to apply for a job at Nordstrom to learn about the retail side of the business. I didn’t end up getting the job in jewelry but worked my way up to Sales Manager in a different department over the next 3 years. Working weekends and holidays is tough! I eventually left retail and transitioned into a sales position for a payroll company. My mentor at that company left to join Hireology and the rest is history!
What brought you to Hireology?
The amazing company culture and a work life balance that matches that.
How would you define Hireology’s culture?
Inviting. Awesome. So. Much. Fun.
We have something special here and I am so grateful to be a part of it. We all bring something to the table, collaborate daily and work toward one goal. We all want each other to succeed – I mean, how cool is that!?
What do you find most exciting about working here?
Being able to come into a workplace where relationships are developed everyday, both with our own employees and customers. That’s what excites me and keeps me motivated everyday.
Where in the office do you do your best thinking?
Here in the office we have a lot of spaces that are both collaborative and more one-off quiet spaces. Vertispect is my favorite place in the office to do my best thinking and you get awesome views at the same time.
What’s your favorite Snack in the Sea of Green?
Hands down, the Cheez-Its
What is one thing people don’t know about you?
I can drive a golf ball over 200 yards. After a 20-year hiatus, I rediscovered golf this summer and I’m honestly shocked at how easily it came back. When I was younger my parents forced me to go to golf camps and play with them – I hated it! I begrudgingly played in a scramble this summer and now I can’t get enough. Why are parents always right?
What is your favorite book/movie/television series/album/video game right now and why?
Last week I had the chance to see Christine Cashen speak. She’s a motivational speaker with a flair for humor and realness. It was one of those rare moments that changes your life. I’m reading two of her books “It’s YOUR Business” and “The Good Stuff.” Do yourself a favor and check her out!
One of Hireology’s benefits that we offer employees is unlimited vacation. What will you be doing next to utilize this perk?
My fiance and I are going to rent a convertible and drive down Highway 1 in California. I’m most excited about staying in a treehouse in Big Sur and drinking wine in Napa.
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