This post is part of our new series of Hireology employee spotlights. Stay tuned to learn more about a day in the life as a Hireologist!
Name: Samantha LeVan
Team: Product
Role: User Experience Researcher
Samantha LeVan has been with Hireology since 2016, read on to learn more about Samantha and her role on our UX team.
Samantha, can you share a bit about what you’re working on?
I have a long list of cool projects I’m working on. Recently, I visited an important sales contact to share some of the research we’re working on and help position Hireology as a thought leader. I love that Hireology supports me finding new ways to use my skills and experience! Coming up next, I’m taking a look at how people are inspired to improve their hiring process to see if there are opportunities to expand or refine our Insights reporting feature. Seeing a feature evolve from concept to launch and beyond is what keeps me motivated to continue learning from our customers.
What path did you take to get to where you are today?
My path is a roundabout one. After high school, I worked in various clerical and accounting roles before figuring out what I wanted to do with my life. When I finally went to college full-time, I finished as quickly as possible, landing a job as a communications manager (aka media buyer). It wasn’t until I bought the first Xbox and realized the controllers were too large and clunky for my hands that I discovered my true calling in user experience. I looked at a handful of grad programs for human-computer interaction and decided if I get in to Carnegie Mellon, it’s a sign. I got in, had a blast, and never looked back.
How would you define Hireology’s culture?
Close-knit and supportive. I think each team also has their own unique culture. The UX team is really tight, we have a strong team that collaborates well and our individual strengths complement each other.
What did you do last weekend?
It was my birthday weekend! I got a manicure, went bowling with my daughter, hung out friends, and enjoyed time in the garden. That’s the perfect weekend for me.
What will you be doing when you next utilize Hireology’s unlimited PTO policy?
I’m taking some time to get off the grid and camp out in western South Dakota. It’s my favorite place to relax and unwind and the best part is I don’t have cell reception. If I could get reliable internet access, I’d move there permanently. There’s nothing like fresh air, rocky mountains, rushing rivers, and tall pine trees.
What is your favorite book or TV show right now and why?
I try not to watch a lot of TV, but I can’t resist an old episode of Forensic Files or other true crime stories. While watching, I’m usually Googling to learn all the details not shared in the show. Even though I like those crime shows, I’d rather read a book. The most memorable one I’ve read in a long time is We Were the Lucky Ones. It’ll stick with me forever.
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